If You Haven't Pooped In Days, Here Is What You Should Do

By Sravia Sivaram

How often you poop is your personal thing. As per a recent poll that was conducted among 200 adults, almost half of the respondents said they pooped once a day.

Going anywhere from three times daily to five times per week can be healthy. But not doing so for more than that is not healthy.

This will turn out to become a terrible ordeal and can cause various other issues like bloating, cramps and back pain.

what to do if you have not pooped in a week

More importantly, not having bowel movement for many days is a medical condition that needs to be attended to. You will be having an impacted bowel, which means a large lump of dry, hard stool is stuck inside your rectum.

The reason why this is so serious is because, you're also holding on to a large amount of toxins and poisons in your body. This means that pollution is building up inside your body.

It is recommended that you flush out the system at the earliest to prevent the build-up of toxins.

If It's Been,

A Few Days Since You Pooped:
Then, you need to take fluids that are softer and easier to pass. You also need to nosh on high-fibre apples and other fruits. The roughage will help bring more water to your intestines.

what to do if you have not pooped in a week

A Week:
You must try the osmotic agents that are present in milk of magnesia that will pull the fluid from your tissues into your gut. But since they are expelled with your stool, you need to stay hydrated while you're taking them.

More Than A Week:
In this case, you will require a stimulant laxative like Dulcolax that will help spur the movement in your bowel muscles. But you must never rely on them for more than a couple of weeks, as your body can get dependant on it, making it difficult for you to poop on your own.

what to do if you have not pooped in a week

Three Plus Weeks Since You've Gone Without Straining:
Then this has turned out to become chronic. You need to head to the physician and perform tests, take treatments or ID drugs that may help in tackling this problem.

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