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Is It Safe To Make Love When You Have Yeast Infection?

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Yeast infection is very common among women. It is known as vaginal candidiasis. Certain symptoms that accompany this infection are burning sensation, itching, redness and even white discharge from the vagina.

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Also, urinating could cause pain too. Is it a dangerous infection? Well, no, it can be treated. Some women wonder whether they can participate in intercourse when they have the symptoms of this infection.

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If you have any such doubts, read on to know about the facts regarding yeast infection in women and the consequences of participating in intercourse while suffering from infection.


Fact #1

Health experts recommend staying away from intercourse till the infection subsides.


Fact #2

Yeast infection could cause irritation, itching and burning sensation in the private parts. So, it may cause pain during intercourse.


Fact #3

Also, intercourse could worsen the symptoms and could slow down the healing process which means yeast infection takes more time to heal if you make love when the symptoms are there.


Fact #4

The infection could spread to your partner. Though it isn't a life threatening condition, your partner could suffer from itching and burning sensation.


Fact #5

If your partner complains of pain or redness in the manhood after making love with you, it is better to take him to the doctor to get the infection treated.


Fact #6

Doctors may prescribe anti-fungal medicines and creams and it may take a week to get relief from the infection.


Fact #7

Some women think that yeast infection could affect their fertility but health experts say that there isn't any such evidence.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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