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Unhealthy Office Habits Make You Fat

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It is common for people to be health freaks at home and diet disasters in office. When we are at home, we have all the time in the world to follow a decidedly healthy lifestyle. But in office when we are under pressure, all our unhealthy habits come back. It might be your bad eating habits at work place that are making you fat.

Here are some of the unhealthy habits at work that do not allow us to lose weight fast.

Unhealthy Office Habits

Unhealthy Office Habits To Quit:

1. Skipping Breakfast: Although this is a personal habit that is unhealthy we always blame office for missing breakfast. 'I was getting late for work' is a regular excuse we give ourselves to feel better about missing the most important meal of the day. So we feel hungry by lunch time and hog more than we should.

2. Unhealthy Desk Snacks: Most of the snacks that we munch on our work desk are deep fried or salted. Our terrible eating habits during working is one of the major reasons for putting on weight. Carry a separate box full of fresh fruits and vegetables so that you have something healthy to munch during working hours. If you want to lose weight fast then you will have to move towards square meals and healthy snacks.

3. Coffee Breaks: Too many coffee breaks means too much of caffeine. This means bad sleep which in turn will make you miss breakfast again. Moreover, if you like your coffee with lots of milk and sugar when you are having almost 100 calories per coffee!

4. Late Lunch: There is a specific time for every meal. But in office our eating habits change. If you had an important meeting that drags on after lunch time then you will either skip lunch for a late evening snack or have a late lunch. This makes you feel heavy and gassy for the rest of the day. Moreover whenever you do not eat at a stipulated time, the body goes into starvation mode; this meand that the rate of metabolism slows down drastically. This makes you pile on weight.

5. Eating Out: Many working people think that carrying lunch from home is too kiddish. This is usually a case with new joiners who want to break out of the school and college habit of carrying a tiffin. But eating out on a regular basis is an unhealthy habit. It means you are having calorie rich and unhygienic food almost everyday.

These are some of the office habits that contribute in making you fat. Do you have any other unhealthy habit at work place that is making you put on weight.

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