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Corn Pulao Recipe: How To Make Corn Pulao
Corn Pulao is a modern Indian dish which is liked by a lot of people and is prepared as a part of main course. It is made of corn and basmati rice. Corn Pulao is made during festivals and parties in ...
Corn Pulao

Food Coma: Why Do You Feel Sleepy After Eating Lunch?
Do you feel sleepy after having a large meal? Most of you would answer ‘yes'. After having a filling and tasty meal, a person is said to go into a food coma. In medical terms, it is called 'postprandial somnolence'. So, ...
Food Coma Why Do You Feel Sleepy After Eating Lunch
What Is The Best Eating Schedule To Lose Weight?
Do you know the timing of your meal has an impact on your weight? Many studies have shown that when you eat your meal, it can impact your weight and overall health. So, here we will be discussing about the best ...
What To Eat At Work For Lunch? 9 Simple Tips And Ideas
Are you someone who has a desk-bound job? Does your job involve sitting in your cubicle for hours together and working on a computer? If yes, and if you have already been in that job for a good number of years, ...
What To Eat At Work For Lunch
11 Ways To Go On A Sugar-free Diet Plan
Are you always craving for sugar no matter whatever part of the day it is? Or do you yearn for sweetened fizzy drinks and sweet biscuits when you have had a long and tiring day? If your answer was a ...
Ways To Go On A Sugar Free Diet Plan
15 Lunch Mistakes That You Should Strictly Avoid
Food is an important part of our existence. It is important to have three proper meals a day in order to remain healthy and active throughout the day. Though breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, ...
Lunch Mistakes To Avoid
Why Eating Lunch At Your Desk Is Bad?
At the workplace, most of us try to finish the lunch at the work desk itself. It seems to be very convenient, right? You don't even need to get up and you don't even need to get diverted from your work. ...
Eating Lunch At Your Desk
Why You Must Never Eat Lunch At Your Desk; Read To Know
Eating at your desk during lunch is not considered a good habit due to many reasons. Though there are several laws in workplaces, the workaholic or the pretending-to-be workaholic ones tend to eat at their desk. Most of you tend to ...
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