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This Formula Helps You Remain Full Until Lunch Everyday

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It is a well known fact that healthy breakfast is the most important part of the day. Eating a good breakfast has been linked with a lower risk of obesity and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

breakfast foods that keep you full longe

To reap off its maximum benefits, you can't eat anything that your heart desires. Breakfast is our chance to start the day with balanced nutrition that can stabilize blood sugars and regulate appetite for the rest of the day.

Breakfast is good for the energy levels and we need other elements for satiation.

breakfast foods that keep you full longe

You need to aim for a balanced meal that consists of lean proteins, healthy fats and fibre rich carbs. This would give you a steady stream of energy. This also helps push off sugar rush and hunger pangs.

The balanced energy that it provides you will power you through the morning.

Breakfast = Lean Protein + Healthy Fat + Fibre Rich Carbs

Going for eggs, Greek yogurt and lean breakfast meals gives your body, the building blocks for strong bones and muscles. Combine lean protein with whole grains like oatmeal, whole-grain bread, quinoa and fruits and vegetables. It provides you with fibre and complex carbohydrates which will keep you full for longer.

Make sure to also include healthy fats like nut butters, avocado and olive oil. Some of the healthy breakfast options that you can go for are:

breakfast foods that keep you full longe
  • Overnight Oats: This will satisfy your sweet tooth and provides you a good dose of protein, due to the addition of cottage cheese and fibre.
  • Breakfast Toast: You can top your toast with veggies like tomatoes and avocado. Adding eggs, seeds and nuts to it will help you have a balanced meal.
  • Baked Oatmeal: This recipe combines oats and milk fruits and eggs. Pair them with yogurt and nuts. 
  • Veggies Hash: If you have leftover veggies in the fridge, transform it into a healthy breakfast. Add it to your scrambled eggs and top it with cheese.
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Story first published: Friday, November 3, 2017, 10:00 [IST]
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