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    What To Eat At Work For Lunch? 9 Simple Tips And Ideas

    By Chandana Rao

    Are you someone who has a desk-bound job? Does your job involve sitting in your cubicle for hours together and working on a computer?
    If yes, and if you have already been in that job for a good number of years, then you would have already realized by now that it is not one of the healthiest jobs, right?
    As we may know, a 9-6, desk-bound job comes with a number of health hazards, especially if it is pressurizing!

    If you are spending most of your day just sitting at one place, without much movement and constantly looking at a computer screen, then you are definitely putting your health at risk!

    The only effort which can be made from your end is to learn about the ill-effects of desk-bound jobs and change your lifestyle habits to remain healthy and avoid diseases.

    Now, most of us having a desk-bound job would already know that we have to spend more than 6-7 hours at work, so we would be having at least 3 or more meals during our work hours, apart from the occasional snacking, right?

    Weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, digestive ailments, stress, depression, etc., are some of the diseases associated with unhealthy eating habits at workplaces.

    So, here are a few tips which can help you eat healthier at your office and avoid diseases!


    Tip #1: Give Up On Junk

    Yes, although this tip may sound clichéd, it is also the most important tip because most of us tend to seek out comfort foods, or junk foods, during office hours because they help reduce stress and boredom! However, junk foods are rich in toxins and calories, so they can make you gain weight quickly!

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    Tip #2: Pack Homemade Meals

    This task could be a little hard for people who have hectic schedules because preparing healthy meals, packing them and taking them to work could take a lot of time! However, if you make a bit of an effort in this area, you can avoid dangerous diseases such as digestive ailments, heart issues, stomach cancer and weight gain because eating out every day is a very unhealthy habit!


    Tip #3: Sip On Healthy Liquids

    A research study has found that desk-bound jobs and working on the computer for a long time can dehydrate a person quickly and cause dry skin, constipation, exhaustion and other ailments, so keep sipping on water and healthy fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day!

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    Tip #4: Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

    Most people who work in offices heavily depend on coffee and other caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks to keep them feeling energetic and refreshed throughout the day; however, caffeine, when consumed in excess, especially with sugar, can be the root cause of weight gain, stress, diabetes and other diseases.


    Tip #5: Snack On Healthy Foods

    Ensure that you keep nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, muesli bars, fruit/vegetable salads, etc., at your desk. This way, when you get hunger pangs, you can snack on these healthy foods, instead of heading out and snacking on unhealthy foods available outside, which contribute to weight gain and related diseases.


    Tip #6: Distraction Is Key

    It is very common for most people to get hunger pangs and junk food cravings at work, especially if you have a pressurizing job, because junk food can reduce stress. However, one must make a conscious effort to distract themselves whenever they crave for junk foods, by taking a walk outside or talking to a friend for a while, until the pang dies down.


    Tip #7: Mind Your Portions

    Even if you are consuming healthy meals and snacks at work, if you are consuming huge portions, it could result in weight gain. At work, many people may be preoccupied with many things and forget to check how much they are eating, so one must be conscious and check the portions of food, before eating.

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    Tip #8: Walk To A Food Joint

    On many days, you may forget to pack food from home or may not have the time, during those days, make sure that you walk to a restaurant which is at a reasonable distance, instead of using a vehicle and also walk back to work, to burn more calories. Also, make sure that you pick relatively healthy meals from the menu!


    Tip #9: Consume Easily Digestible Foods

    A desk-bound job doesn't allow much room for movement and so, one must consume easily digestible foods for meals. Consuming heavy foods which take a long time to get digested can cause weight gain and digestive problems. Some of the easily digestible foods are fish, vegetables, avocados, oats, eggs, etc.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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