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Top 15 Health Benefits of Quail Eggs
Quails are medium-sized birds found in Europe, North Africa, the southern United States and some parts of Asia. The eggs of quails are white or tan with dark brown spots and are quite smaller in size than the average chicken eggs. ...
Quail Eggs Nutrition Benefits Recipes

6 Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Tomatillos, Nutrition & Recipe
Scientifically termed as Physalis philadelphica, tomatillos are often confused with tomatoes irrespective of the differences possessed by both the fruits/vegetables. Tamarillos are commonly termed as Mexican tomato, husk tomato, or husk cherry and have a bright green colour. The fruits of ...
10 Fascinating Health Benefits Of Apricot, Nutrition And Recipes
Scientifically termed as Prunus armeniaca, apricots are fruits closely related to plums and peaches. These sweet fruits are soft - both from the inside and outside and are one of the most versatile fruits. Apricots are typically orange or yellow in ...
Apricot Nutrition Benefits Recipes
Did You Know These Amazing Health Benefits Of Endive?
Scientifically termed as Cichorium endivia, endive belongs to the genus Cichorium consisting of several leafy vegetables. Endive is not to be confused with chicory, something a lot of people tend to be. Endive is something you can always see being added ...
10 Nutritional Health Benefits Of Cassava, Recipes And Side Effects
Scientifically termed as Manihot esculenta, cassava is a starchy root vegetable or tuber. Extensively cultivated for in tropical and subtropical regions, it belongs to the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. The starchy edible tuberous root is one of the major sources of carbohydrate, ...
HCG Diet For Weight Loss: Meal Plans, Recipes And Side Effects
As of today, there are an approximate of 2.1 billion overweight people in the world - that is 30% of the world's population. With obesity and excess weight posing extreme danger, the need to adopt necessary steps have become imperative. The ...
Hcg Diet For Weight Loss
Top Iftar Recipes | Ramadan Special Recipes
Iftar is known as the first meal to break your fast with in the holy month of Ramadan. Usually, the fast is broken by indulging in dates and haleem and, afterwards, a number of fruit snacks, delicious kebabs and other delicious ...
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