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Everything You Need To Know About Using Limb Prosthetic Devices
Disability of any form can be traumatic and could affect the victim's daily activities in a variety of ways. Rehabilitative services are of ample importance in such scenarios so that the differently-abled person can come to terms with his or her ...
Limb Prosthetic Devices

11 Effective Yoga Poses To Treat Muscle Pain
None of us are strangers to muscle pain and sore tissues. The pain is not the culmination of any single act but a result of the modern lifestyle and habits. The profusely stressful schedule and work hours build up a lot ...
Get Rid Of These Cancer-causing Things From Your Room!
Cancer is the second leading cause of death across the world. According to the statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 9.6 Million deaths took place in 2018 due to cancer. There are various causes that trigger cancer, some of ...
Cancer Causing Things You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom
10 Science-backed Health Benefits Of Common Salt
Salt is an important ingredient that the human body requires to keep the fluid balance under control and to ensure the working of nerves and muscles. Also, sodium chloride (known as common salt otherwise) is necessary to give every dish the ...
What To Do If A Haemorrhoid Bursts?
Haemorrhoids, or as otherwise referred to as piles, can give you some troublesome and painful moments. There could be a variety of causes for this ailment such as increased pressure on veins during pregnancy or due to strained bowel movements. Sometimes ...
What Should Do If A Haemorrhoid Bursts
Carnivore Diet: Everything You Need To Know
The carnivore diet is a diet which recommends eating meat during all meal times throughout the day. The theory of a carnivorous diet originated from the ancestral belief that people generally ate meat as it was not considered energy efficient to ...
How Your Fingers Can Predict The Risk Of Prostate Cancer
As we know, cancer is a disease which is a serious one and it has also become very common, especially in the past few decades. A number of surveys and research studies conducted over the years have shown that the past ...
How Your Fingers Can Predict The Risk Of Prostate Cancer
Sudarshan Kriya: A Yoga Technique For Your Overall Well-being
Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful rhythmic breathing technique. It is an effortless process that helps to de-stress and remove the negativity by drawing you into a deep state of meditation. ‘Su' means proper, and ‘darshan' means vision. In yogic science ‘Kriya' ...
Mediclaim Insurance Policy – What You Should Know
Life is very uncertain. Anything can happen at any point of time in life. Thus, with the increasing medical costs, it has become a necessity for individuals to have an effective health insurance policy. This policy will help them to deal ...
Mediclaim Insurance Policy
Why Is Genetic Counselling Gaining Importance?
Medical science has reached great heights. The discovery that most of the diseases do have a genetic component has helped the development of the cure of such diseases. This finding has further led to the creation of genetic tests with clinical ...

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