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It's The Season Of Pineapple! Read This Article To Know About Its Amazing Health Benefits

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Pineapples are known to be delicious fruits with some miraculous health benefits. Their health and medicinal benefits are quite vast and not many people know about it.

Some of them include their ability to improve respiratory health, curb cough and cold, improve digestion, help in weight loss, to strengthen bone, improve oral health, boost eye health, etc.

benefits of pineapple

Did you know that pineapple also has some incredible potential that is yet to be known by many. This article deals with some of the top benefits of having pineapple when in season.

The fruiting season of pineapple runs from March to June and this is definitely the best time to relish this fruit along with the amazing health benefits.

This fruit is a repository of nutrients that is rich in minerals like potassium, copper, manganese, and vitamin C, beta-carotene, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate as well as soluble and insoluble fibre and bromelain.

So, continue reading further to know about the top health benefits of having pineapple during its season.


1. Arthritis Management:

Consuming pineapple every day helps to reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles, especially in those affected by arthritis.


2. Boosts Immune System:

Pineapples are enriched with vitamin C, and this helps in reducing illnesses and also boosts the immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells. It also defends against the harmful effects of pathogens.


3. For Tissue And Cellular Health:

One of the top capacities of vitamin C is to create collagen. This is why it is known as a healing vitamin. The vitamin C content in pineapple helps with healing wounds, injuries and infections on the skin.


4. Cancer Prevention:

Pineapples are also enriched with antioxidants that fight against cancer. Some of the other antioxidants include vitamin A, beta carotene, bromelain, various flavonoid compounds, high levels of manganese, etc. Pineapples have been found to prevent the cancers of the mouth, throat and breast. This is one of the top benefits of having pineapples when in season.


5. Improves Digestion:

Pineapples are known to contain both soluble and insoluble fibres and consuming them can protect you from constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestive-related health issues.


6. Prevents Cough And Cold:

Pineapple also contains a special enzyme called bromelain that helps with the reduction of phlegm and mucus buildup in the respiratory tract and sinus cavities.


7. Boosts Bone Health:

Pineapples are known to have an impressive amount of manganese that helps with the strengthening of the bones as well as their growth and repair. This is also one of the top health benefits of pineapples.


8. Helps Maintain Oral Health:

Pineapples are also known to have astringent properties that help strengthen the gums and make sure that your teeth do not become loose and are well maintained.


9. For Eye Health:

Pineapples contain beta-carotene and they help fight against macular degeneration and also boost eye health. They also help delay vision problems later on in life.


10. Helps Keep The Blood Pressure Under Check:

Pineapples are a valuable source of potassium. They act as a vasodilator. They help in easing the stress and tension of the blood vessels. When the blood vessels relax, the blood pressure gets relaxed and hence the flow of blood is free flowing and not restricted.

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Story first published: Monday, March 20, 2017, 12:35 [IST]
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