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17 Amazing Health Benefits Of Rose Apple (Java Apple)
Rose apple, scientifically termed Syzygiumjambos L., has a long history of usage in Indian traditional medicine. It belongs to the family Myrtaceae and is native to Southeast Asia. However, the rose apple has been naturalised in India and is harvested mainly ...
The Many Benefits And Uses Of Cow Dung
In Hinduism, cow dung has a special spiritual significance. From Govardhan Puja to havans, cow dung is used during pujas, rituals and traditional ceremonies. These are some of the spiritual significances of cow dung, true; however, there are some science-backed benefits ...
All The Ways You Can Use Honey To Amp Up Your Beauty Quotient
In the times where store-bought products pretty much dominate your skincare routine, using natural ingredient such as honey to enhance your beauty quotient might sound weird to you, but we promise it is not. The delicious honey stores in itself some ...
Beauty Benefits Of Honey
How To Do Facial Massage For Glowing Skin
Ever tried facial massage? If you want to glow, then you must. Body massages and head massages are common ways to pamper ourselves that we indulge in every once in a while. After a good massage, our body feels refreshed and ...
Paleo Diet: Benefits, Foods To Eat And Meal Plan
Paleo diet, also known as the Palaeolithic diet, stone age diet, caveman diet or hunter-gatherer diet is a modern day fad diet that includes foods that have been thought to be eaten during the Palaeolithic era that dates back to 2.5 ...
Paleo Diet Benefits Foods To Eat And Meal Plan
5 Incredible Benefits Of Neem For Hair
Neem is a medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years to cure various health and beauty ailments. Widely known for its antiseptic properties, neem has been extensively used to treat many skin problems. However, you might not know ...
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