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    11 Foods With More Proteins Than An Egg

    Protein Diet for vegetarians | Health Tips | वेजीटेरियन की प्रोटीन DIET | Boldsky
    foods with more proteins than an egg

    An egg might look small, but it packs quite a big punch.

    With more than 6g of protein and a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds, the egg is truly a superfood. Plus, it can be cooked in a tonne of ways!

    But what about vegans and vegetarians?

    What should they eat when they want good proteins that are not animal-derived but pack an equal or larger punch than an egg?

    In this article, we are going to explore just that.


    #1 Mung Beans

    Mung beans, or mung dal as it is called in India, are a delicious variety of legume known for their sweet and nutty aroma when roasted. And they contain a whopping 24% protein in every 1 gram!

    They also contain other essential nutrients like potassium, iron, vitamin C, and fibers.

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    #2 Chickpeas

    The best thing about chickpeas is that just a little is enough to satisfy you.

    Why? Because it has a very high protein content and can also stimulate your body to produce the hunger-suppressing hormone, cholecystokinin. Plus, it can reduce gut inflammation caused by sugar.


    #3 Hemp Seeds

    Hemp seeds, also called hemp hearts, are crunchy cereals that contain 6.3g of protein in just two tablespoons. Talk about a lot!

    Plus, they are rich in heart-healthy alpha-linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids.


    #4 Edamame Beans

    Edamame beans are nothing but immature soybeans eaten without shelling them from their stalks. In fact, the name edamame is a Japanese word describing a humble dish of boiled soybean stalks with salt.

    And this plant product is a rare plant-based complete protein since it contains all the essential amino acids required by our body, along with the branched chain amino acids that are needed for building muscles.

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    #5 Cheddar Cheese

    The flavor of cheddar cheese is so delicious and satisfying that it is a common flavoring substance in most kid snacks like cheetos. And while all cheeses are rich in protein, this one is exceptionally good for your health as it contains a lot of healthy fats, vitamin D, and calcium in it too.


    #6 Black Beans

    Black beans is a much-loved ingredient in Mexican food and is often added to tacos and burrito bowls to give them an earthier flavor and some added crunch.

    And besides being rich in proteins (half a cup of contains 7.3g of protein), black beans are also rich in heart-healthy fats and brain-healthy anthocyanins, which are known to boost your brain power.


    #7 Red Kidney Beans

    Also called Rajma in India, kidney beans are proteinaceous legumes that are also rich in fibers. Plus, these beans have the ability to reduce your blood sugar level so they are very good for diabetics.

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    #8 Peanut Butter

    Packed with heart and brain-healthy fats, peanut butter is the perfect protein substitute for vegans and vegetarians. In fact, 2 tablespoons of it contains a whopping 8g of protein!


    #9 Chia Seeds

    These South American seeds harvested from the chia flower are quite popular in health circles because of their highly proteinaceous nature and their ability to absorb almost ten times their mass in water when soaked overnight.

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    #10 Quinoa

    Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that was the staple food of the ancient Incas. It is rich in fibers and is also a complete protein like edamame beans because it contains all the essential amino acid, including L-arginine, which is needed for the production of muscles in your body.


    #11 Milk

    Milk is a high protein drink that everyone should include in their daily diet (other than lactose intolerant individuals). Plus, it is rich in calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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