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15 Exotic Dal Recipes To Try!


Dal is an inseparable item of Indian cuisine. No Indian meal is ever deemed complete without having a bowl of dal on your plate. You may not have a lot of curries with your chapati. But, if you have a bowl of dal, you can have a hearty meal without complaints. Since dal is such an important part of our everyday diet, it is cooked in a variety of ways too. You will find numerous different dal recipes throughout the country. It is amazing to see how the same dal can be cooked in so many different ways.

Interestingly, dal can also be used to prepare some special non- vegetarian recipes. The twist of dal when combined with meat or fish makes it an utter delight for the taste-buds of the non-vegetarian foodies. As we cannot really manage eating without a serving of dal, we thought of introducing our readers to the different varieties of dal. The idea is that you do not get bored of preparing the same bland dal and provide your taste-buds a sumptuous change.

So, check out these 15 exotic dal recipes and try them out. They will be a sure hit with all your family members.


Panchkuti Dal

This recipe of Panchkuti dal is made with the mix of five dals which makes it exceptionally healthy. But healthy food doesn't mean that the food has to be boring. This dal recipe is prepared with very less oil and spices which makes it perfect for everyone including the people with heart ailments.


Dal Musallam

Dal musallam is a unique dal recipe. It is one dish which is a must-try for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. It is prepared with a mix of yogurt, butter and some exotic spices which give this dish an excellent creamy texture and a mouthwatering flavour. The special 'tadka' or the seasoning adds an entirely different flavour to the dish.


Dhaba Ki Dal

Dal can be prepared in a million ways, but dhaba ki is definitely special. With just a few spices and three different kinds of legumes make this dal recipe burst with some delicious flavours. It is one of the perfect vegan recipes to try. It's creamy texture and buttery taste makes your taste-buds thank you for this awesome treat.


Masoor Dal Vegetable

To add a twist to our regular dal and to make it even more healthy, here we have a simple dal vegetable recipe for you. In this recipe mixed vegetables have been combined with the regular masoor dal or the split red lentils. The vegetables add a unique and lip-smacking taste to the dal recipe. It is also a quick option if you are in a hurry to prepare your food.


Darbari Dal

Darbari dal sounds pretty royal. However, if you are expecting a very complicated dal recipe then you will be surprised. Darbari dal is made with the mix of two dals, toor and masoor dal. But it is an incredibly simple dal. Alike all other Indian recipes, Darbari Dal is also rich in spices.


Lucknowi Dal

Lucknowi dal is a special dal recipe from the heartland of ancient Awadh. This special Awadhi recipe has the fragrance of Lucknowi spices. Like everything else in Lucknow, the special Lucknowi dal too has its own characteristic flavour. Although it is a lot like dal tadka, the Lucknowi dal is still a distinct dal recipe that tastes different and is cooked very differently.


Methi Dal

Methi or fenugreek is a wonder ingredient that helps in treating digestive problems as well as keeps bad cholesterol in check. Fenugreek leaves in its fresh as well as dried form, adds an entirely different flavour to the dish. In this recipe fresh fenugreek is combined with our regular dal along with onions, tomatoes and lemon juice which adds to the tangy taste and makes it extremely delicious.


Spicy Dal Gosht

This spicy dal gosht, as the name suggests, is a combination of three things- fragrant spices, lentils and the mutton. The mutton is first cooked along with the spices which adds spicy flavour to the dish. Then it is cooked with the dal which not only adds to the consistency of the curry but also gives it a unique, lip-smacking taste.


Dal Bukhara

The look and feel of this dal recipe is very similar to our very own Dal Makhani. But there is a difference between the Punjabi dish Dal Makhani and the exotic Dal Bukhara. The difference comes from the spices used in these two dal recipes. If you are bored with the everyday dal recipes in the Indian cuisine, then dal bukhara gives you an interesting option to choose.


Malabar Spinach Dal

Malabar spinach dal is a high protein and iron rich recipe which is just perfect for anemics. The healthy and tasty combination of dal with the juicy spinach makes this recipe simply irresistible. The aroma of the fresh curry leaves and mustard lends this recipe a mouthwatering flavour which makes it even more tempting.


Dal Dhokli

Dal dhokli is a famous Gujarati dal recipe. For those who are not familiar with this dish, dhokli is basically the Indian version of homemade pasta. It is prepared using wheat flour along with a mix of spices. 'Dhokli' however should not be confused with 'dhokla' which is a steamed Gujarati snack.


Mishti Cholar Dal

In Bengal, chana (Bengal gram) is known as chola. Traditional Bengali recipe of making chola dal requires sugar too! Yes, misti chola dal (sweet chana dal) is a 'sweet n spicy' Bengali side dish recipe that is served with steaming rice or plain rotis.


Amti Bhaat

Amti in Marathi means spicy dal and bhat means rice. This delicious dal is prepared with a special blend of spices known as the goda masala. It is the most important ingredient used to prepare this dal recipe. Since this spicy dal recipe is served with steamed rice, it is named amti bhaat. It goes without mention that the flavour of this dal is simply hard to resist.


Parippu Curry

Parippu curry is nothing but a delicious variety of dal which is eaten with rice and ghee. The specialty of this parippu curry is that the dal is cooked with a spiced coconut mixture, which lends a delectable flavour to this dish.


Keema Dal

A dal recipe can be made with a lot of varied items. For non-vegetarian lovers the best would be kheema dal. This dal recipe comprises of finely minced meat, pulses and a bit of spices. The yummy taste and aroma of this dal recipe comes from the spices used in it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 18:52 [IST]