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Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose) To Relieve Chronic Stress

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Stress in small forms may be present in everyone's life. Be it for a working class person, an elderly person or students, they experience different kinds of stress at their own level.

Increasing competition, work pressure, peer pressure, sedentary lifestyle are few among the major reasons which might give rise to stress. But there are certain exceptions when stress turns chronic.

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In such chronic stressful situations, your blood pressure tends to rise, the heart pounds faster and affects your breathing rhythm. In worst case scenarios it affects your immune stystem, digestive as well as your reproductive systems. Among others, it also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose) To Relieve Chronic Stress

If not taken care, chronic stress disrupts almost all the systems of your body. There might be several medications available over the counter to beat stress, or other alternative methods of treatment like exercises but among all these yoga is found to have the best answer for treating stress.

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Uttana Shishosana also known as Extended Puppy Pose is one of the best yoga asanas to beat stress. The word Uttana Shishosana is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Uttana' which means extended, 'Shisho' which means puppy and 'Asana' which means pose.

This Uttana Shishosana helps to relax the body and the mind and is found to be a great stress buster. Have a look at the step-wise procedure to perform the asana.

Step-by-step Procedure To Perform Uttana Shishosana:

1. Stand straight and then slowly get down on your hands and knees.

Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose) To Relieve Chronic Stress

2. Check that your knees are bent down right under your hips.

3. Slowly lower your chest towards the floor.

4. Your buttocks should also be moved downwards nearing your feet and then breath out.

5. The arms should be placed straight, above the ground and the hands should be touching the floor.

6. Slowly move your head forward and rest the arms on the floor.

Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose) To Relieve Chronic Stress

7. Stretch your spine and push your hips backwards.

8. Take a deep breath and remain in the position for about a minute.

9. Slowly come out of the pose. Continue the same for a few times.

Other Benefits Of Uttana Shishosana:

Helps to relieve stress.
Helps to stretch the spine and the shoulder.
Helps to calm the mind.
Helps in treating insomnia.
Helps to stretch the hips and the upper back.
Helps to invigorate the body.
Helps to strengthen the arms.


People suffering from knee and leg injuries should avoid practising Uttana Shishosana or perform it under the guidance of a trained yoga expert.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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