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Utkatasana Or Chair Pose To Help Get A Flat Tummy

By: Mona Verma

In today’s times, more than the number of hours being happy, people are facing troubles and are finding solution to overcome it.

It’s almost impossible now to have a healthy life because of the growing competition, hectic lifestyle and workloads. Another reason is our eating habits these days.

Due to laziness, we don’t feel like cooking much, and as a result of which, we end up in consuming more of junk food that results into an unhealthy body.


The worse repercussion can be seen on the tummy and upper thigh portions, where most of the unwanted fat gets deposited.

Youngsters are facing more of such problems and are ready to spend a handsome amount of money on gyms and other fitness activities like dancing, swimming, etc.

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Girls are more conscious regarding baby fat around the belly. Of course, everyone wants a toned and healthy body. YOGA is an answer to it.

You can reduce weight along with achieving mental peace. Utkatasana helps you in getting a toned body, including a flat tummy. Wow, could you imagine that. Have a look at how to perform this asana to reap its benefits.

How To Perform The Asana?

Utkatasana Or Chair Pose For Flat Tummy

• Just stand straight in Tadasana and while inhaling, raise your arms perpendicular to the ground and join your palms. Bend your knees.

• While your knees are bent, just exhale. Get your thighs as much parallel as you can to the ground. Your torso will lean slightly in front over the thighs and just bend and be in the position, in which you are comfortable, especially when you are a beginner. Basically, your thighs and calve muscles should form a 90 degree angle. Press your thigh bone to maintain a better balance.

• Keep your shoulders firm and your back straight. Get your tailbone towards the ground.


• Maintain this pose for at least 30 seconds to a minute. Now to get back to the position, first straighten your knees, followed by inhaling and then lift your body. Exhale and again stand straight in Tadasana.

In the beginning, in order to maintain balance, perform it near a wall. Perform this asana in such a way that your tailbone gets the support of the wall and you don’t fall.

Gradually, you’ll be able to maintain the balance. The more you will stretch, the more your fat will burn.

Perform this asana for at least 10-15 minutes in the beginning, by holding the pose, gradually increasing the duration; and very soon, you can figure out the positive results along with a calm and peaceful mind.

The extra fat over your thighs and lower abdomen will keep on diminishing, and especially for FEMALES, you can get back to your curvaceous waist.

Just start following this pose religiously and soon, you will find an ultimate positive change in yourself.

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