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Top 3 Yoga Poses For An Easy Delivery

By Mona Verma

For a female, to give birth to a child requires tremendous effort and it’s a rebirth for the female because it requires great strength, focus and stamina.

Yoga for Normal delivery | नॉर्मल डिलीवरी के लिए करें ये आसन | Boldsky

All this becomes easy once you are regular and religious with performing yoga and meditation. It has been proved by many researches also that the females, who are regular with their exercise during pregnancy, are comparatively more comfortable in bearing labour pain, as compared to those who don’t.

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Besides this, such females are also positive towards the childbirth experience. Another aspect is, females become a bit confident and they come to know about their bodies correctly, as in how to go about the labour pain, instead of just lying down helplessly and screaming.

Actually, it is very important to have a healthy and stable mind for a delivery; and you need to be mentally strong and prepared.

Yoga helps you to minimise your anxiety levels over the labour period. In order to be calm during such a phase, following are the 3 poses that'll help you to have an easy delivery, take a look.

1.Cobbler’s Pose:

This is a very easy pose to perform. Basically, all kids sit in this pose, but gradually, with the increase in the age, we tend to have busy and hectic routine and are just limited till chairs and beds.

You need to sit normally with your legs straight and hands by your sides. Gradually, bend your legs inwards and get your feet close to your pelvic and press your knees towards the ground.

Don’t exert too much in the beginning because you are already in a critical stage. Just relax and take deep breaths, and when tired, get back to the normal position.

This helps you to strengthen your thigh muscles and also your lower abdomen.

2. A Supported Squat:

This is an excellent asana to practice throughout the pregnancy till your labour pain. This pose helps in opening of the hips and also strengthens the legs.

Gradually, it becomes tough to balance, so you need to have support of the wall or a strong person. Just stand with your feet a bit widened. Take a deep breath in.

While exhaling, just bend your knees and keep getting lower till the time you are comfortable in making the balance.

Your knees should be wide and heels should be on the ground. Join your hands together, like in the prayer position and rest your elbows towards the inside of your knees to keep them away.

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3. Cat & Cow Pose:

This pose helps you to strengthen your hips and back along with abdominal muscles. Also, this allows your baby to have frequent moves.

This pose basically prevents you from backache during labour. Since you will prefer this asana during pregnancy, you might need a towel to place it beneath your knees.

Your hands should be in alignment with your shoulders and knees should be positioned below the hips. You have to be extremely careful about your hands and wrist.

The sole of your feet should be up, toes shouldn’t be curled under, palm should be flat and fingers should be facing forward.

Just take a deep breath in, stretch your neck and lift up your head and chest. Slowly, lift your tailbone and drop your tummy portion on the floor.

Now, exhale and draw your belly in and up, curl the spine outwards and put your chin down.

Just follow these poses one by one and you will have an easy and a less painful delivery.

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Story first published: Friday, May 13, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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