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Yoga To Reduce Stress In Pregnant Women

Posted By: Sneha
Yoga For Pregnant Women
Yoga for pregnant women is very beneficial. Prenatal yoga helps in reducing stress related to child birth. It helps in preparing the mother physically and mentally. Yoga helps in strengthening the expecting mothers body and increase  flexibility. It prepares the body for child birth and reduces stress. Yoga benefits are various. Yoga for pregnant women include asanas, pranayama, dhyana(meditation), mudras and other relaxation techniques.

Forms Of Yoga

  • Asanas- Asanas are body postures that  help in improving muscle flexibility. They help in stimulating the respiratory system, in balancing the body and mind. In the due course of pregnancy, women face many physical, psychological and anatomical changes. They face tremendous stress related to child birth. So, yoga comes very handy.These asanas strengthens the spine and the body making it very flexible. Asanas are the best forms of yoga for stress.
  • Pranayama- This form of yoga for pregnant women help in easy breathing. It is a popular relaxation technique and has various benefits. It helps in physical and mental relaxation of the  expecting mother. This breathing technique involves exhaling air out and inhaling fresh air. You have to close one nostril and inhale from the other, exhale out the air by closing the other nostril. This technique helps in reducing anxiety and enables normal functioning of the nervous system. Yoga for stress includes this form of exercise.
  • Meditation- This form of yoga for pregnant women helps in complete relaxation by revitalizing her mind. Mediation is the best form of yoga for stress. It helps to ease out the tension, fear, anxiety, nervousness. Pregnant women must practice this form of yoga as it helps in reducing stress and enables a normal delivery. It helps in restoring calmness of mind and reduces anxiety levels. Meditation helps in breathing and ensures a healthy delivery.
  • Yoga Nidra(sleep)- Yoga for pregnant women is a must. Yoga Nidra means a sound sleep for the expecting mother. Proper sleep is very important for a mother. It helps in easing out stress and calms mind. This form of yoga is to ensure sound sleep and helps the expecting mother to feel inner happiness. Pregnant women must be happy to ensure a healthy delivery. Prenatal yoga helps in growth and development of the baby. Yoga develops positive energy and thoughts in the mind of the expecting mother. This is a very good method for de-stressing.

These are some prenatal exercises and benefits of yoga. Pregnant women must do yoga for a health and normal delivery. These exercises are very useful for a pregnant women and must be added in prenatal stages.

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Story first published: Monday, April 2, 2012, 15:39 [IST]
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