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Yoga Positions To Reduce Labour Pain

Posted By: Sneha
Yoga can help in preparing your mind and body for pregnancy. It helps in increasing your concentration levels and enables healthy living. Yoga prepares your body for labour and birth, keeping you healthy. Yoga postures keep your body relaxed to minimize the common pregnancy issues like constipation and morning sickness. Yoga reduces labour pain by reducing the tension around the cervix and the birth canal. It helps in easy delivery. Breathing techniques are very beneficial to reduce labour pain.

Yoga Postures That You Can Practice

Yoga for pregnant women is very important. It helps counter the symptoms of pregnancy and ensures smooth delivery. Postures that put pressure on your abdomen must be avoided. Poses that are difficult must not be tried. Do not push yourself too much during pregnancy. Some of the asanas are given below. You can try them but do not do all of them together.

  • Mountain Pose- Yoga for pregnant women is very essential. This posture is very beneficial and it promotes the experience of strength, stillness, immovable stability and the power to relax. This posture is useful for being acquainted with stillness. In this posture, you have to stand still. Pregnancy exercises help you ease out stress and ensures smooth delivery.
  • Triangle Pose- Prenatal yoga comprises of these poses that you can try, to relax your body and mind. The triangle pose is done in meditation and is a symbol of divine principles. This posture is done in the end during a pregnancy yoga session. You have to bend spreading your legs and one arm in the air; the other arm touching your feet.
  • Warrior Pose- This postures includes stretching of arms and legs. Warrior posture strengthens your arms, legs, relieves from backache, increases stamina and concentration. Pregnant women who suffer from back pain, diarrhea and blood pressure must avoid this posture. In this position, you stretch your legs and put pressure on one leg. You have to fold your hands together and join them.
  • Standing Side Stretch Pose- This pose of yoga for pregnant women draws two lines of energy radiating outward from the center. This is a very good posture as one line of energy reaches upward from your belly and the energy comes out from your arm. The other line travels downward from your legs. This pregnancy exercise can be helpful for you. In this pose you stand by lifting one arm in the air and tilt your head with the bent arm.
  • Shoulder Lifts- This posture can be practiced as it helps in relieving bad postures, tensions and stiffness. This posture can helps in toning muscles and increasing flexibility. Prenatal yoga can help you overcome the fears related to pregnancy.
  • Breathing Exercises For Pregnant Women- Labour pain during pregnancy, the body has the tendency to shut and tighten. This can cause stress and delay the birth process. Yoga for pregnant women can reduce whatever stress you have and ensure a smooth delivery. Breathing exercises can help you restore your shape, uterus, abdomen, pelvic floor and relieve your back problems. These exercises can come very handy during pregnancy.

Yoga for pregnant women can help them relieve stress and reduce labour pain. Prenatal yoga has various benefits, which ensures a healthy delivery.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2012, 15:52 [IST]
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