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Tadasana (Mountain Pose) To Strengthen Knees & Ankles

Knee pain, ankle and joint pain, accompanied with severe walking problem, used to be the problem of the elderly in the past.

As we tend to age, there is weakening of the bones and this can further lead to severe pain. Since the knees and ankles become weak, elderly people are also prone to frequent falling and injuries. And some of them may also face the problem of arthritis.

The situation seems to have changed over the past couple of years. It isn't just the elderly, but even many young adults and also teenagers too have been complaining of severe knee and ankle pain.

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So what could be the reason? As obvious, one of the major reasons is change in lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, increasing stress, etc, are few among the contributory factors.

Whenever we have such a pain bothering us, we tend to pop in painkillers that provide an instant relief. But what about its consequences and the long-term effects that painkillers have on our body?

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In order to strengthen our knees and prevent such pain frequently, one could resort to yoga asanas. Tadasana, considered as one of the simplest form of asanas, helps in strengthening the knees and ankles.

The word "Tadasana" comes from the Sanskrit word 'Tada' which means mountain and 'Asana' which means posture. It forms the base for many other asanas as well and has plenty of other health benefits too.

Steps-By-Step Procedure To Perform Tadasana:

1. Stand straight with your arms hanging towards your sides. Your feet should be joined.

2. See to it that the bases of the big toes are touching.

3. Balance your weight in both the feet equally.

4. Lift your chest up and raise both your hands up and join your two fingers of both the hands.

5. Tighten the knees, contract the hips and then pull the muscles, which are at the back of the thighs.

6. Raise your heels and come on to the toes as you lift your legs up with calves first and then your thighs.

7. The pressure while you stretch should be felt from the toes to your fingers.

8. Remain in the position for a few seconds and take deep breaths in and out.

9. Get back to the normal position.

10. Repeat this asana for about 8-10 times for best results.

Other Benefits Of Tadasana:

Helps improve blood circulation
Relieves pain and aches in the entire body
Helps increase the height in children
Helps activate the nerves and relieves sciatica pain
Helps improve breathing
Improves digestion
Helps regulate the menstrual cycle in women


People suffering from headache, low blood pressure and those who are pregnant should avoid doing the Tadasana. They should only practice it under the supervision of a yoga instructor.

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