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    GM Diet Day 1: Lose 7kgs in 7 Days

    As we discussed in the introductory article of this series, the GM diet is one of the most popular low-carb diets around the world because it can actually help you lose up to 15 pounds (or 6.8kg) in just 1 week.

    And although it is a quite difficult and strict diet, it lasts for only 7 days, includes the simplest ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, soups, and proteins, and is perfect for shedding some flab before any major event.

    Believe me, my friends tried it before our convocation and lost an average of 5kg each!

    lose 7kgs in 7 days

    So are you ready to lose 7kgs in 7 days? Then read on because in today's article I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do to kick off this diet on a right foot.


    Day 1: Fruits Day

    The GM diet is quite unconventional in the sense that it has a themed menu for each of its 7 grueling days. And the theme for day 1 is fruits, minus bananas.

    Why not bananas?

    Because bananas contain a lot of carbohydrates in them and have an average of 100 calories each. That, my friend, is too calorie dense for the first day of this diet. After all, the ultimate goal of day 1 is to drastically limit your intake to just 1000 - 1200 calories.

    In fact, the GM diet starts off with fruits for two reasons other than their low calorific value.

    One, fruits fill up our stomachs quite fast. Therefore, they are excellent for munching on all day long whenever we get hungry.

    And two, they are packed with nutrients and fibers, which detoxifies your body from top to toe.

    Just remember: When it comes to fruits, all are not alike. So choose your nectar carefully. And if you want our advice, have at least one whole watermelon on the menu for the day.


    Drink Lots of Water

    Besides eating fruits all day long, the GM diet requires you to drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water throughout the day, which is roughly 2 - 2.5L of water.

    This is important since water is known to flush out toxins from your body, and the fruit diet coupled with a lot of water is the perfect way to boost your body's detoxification process.

    Note: If you are tired of drinking water all day long, you can replace it with fresh coconut water or pulpy fruit juices that you have freshly squeezed out in your kitchen. But prepackaged juices and other beverages are not allowed.


    Sample Day 1 Menu

    8 AM - Have a large bowl of fruits or 1 apple with 2 glasses of water.

    10 AM - Have a bowl of watermelon or kiwi or papaya with 2 glasses of water.

    1 PM - A large bowl of cut fruits or 3 - 5 whole fruits with 2 glasses of water.

    4 PM - An apple with 2 glasses of water.

    7 PM - Have a large bowl of fruits or 2 - 3 whole fruits with 2 glasses of water.

    Please note: For best results, drink your glasses of water before you have your meal as this fills you up faster and reduces craving for more food afterward.


    Why Day 1 is the Toughest and How to Succeed

    Day 1 of the GM diet is the toughest because it drastically reduces your calorie intake and also restricts you to just one food group - fruits. Maybe that's why most people fail to stick to it on the very first day!

    So if you want to successfully complete all 7 days of this diet, you need to gear up before you begin, which means you need to do the following:-

    1. Stock up your pantry with fruits and vegetables at least 2 days before the diet begins. And make sure you buy enough for the first four days since they revolve around these items.

    2. Plan all the meals for the next day on the night before, and include when you are going to eat each meal.

    3. Keep a few apples with you at all times to help you overcome the inevitable hunger pangs.

    4. Carry a large bottle of water and keep drinking throughout the day until you have at least crossed the 2L mark. Or drink 2 glasses of water before every meal (i.e 5 - 6 times a day) as an alternative.

    5. Reduce your physical activity to minimal since fruits contain very little calorie, and therefore, cannot give you much energy.

    6. If you exercise, skip it for the next 7 days during the diet as you might faint from lack of energy.


    A Note on Coffee or Tea

    If you cannot function without some stimulant in the morning, you can have 1 cup of green tea or a cup of black coffee without sugar. But you cannot have any more than that.


    How Much Should I Buy?

    Since the GM diet does not specify how much you should eat during each meal, it's best to buy a large amount of the cheaper fruits (if you are worried about the impact on your wallet).

    This is because while fruits do fill up your stomach fast, they cannot fuel your body beyond 1 - 2 hours as they have very little calorie in them. Therefore, you will keep getting hungry throughout the day. So carry around a large box full of cut fruits (if you prefer to eat daintily), or simply keep a few apples in your bag at all times so you can take one out and munch whenever you get hungry.


    Can I Add Any Condiments to My Bowl of Fruits?


    The whole purpose of the first day of the GM diet is to flush out all the toxins your body has accumulated over time because of your unhealthy food choices. Therefore, you cannot add any condiments, like salt, sugar, and pepper to the fruits you eat.


    Cure for Nausea Induced By Hunger

    Keep a lemon in your bag so if you feel nauseated because of low energy, you can quickly squeeze it into a glass of water and drink it up.

    Just remember not to put any salt or sugar in the drink when you make it.


    Prepare for Day 2

    The theme of Day 2 is vegetables. So check your pantry on the night of Day 1 and stock it up with vegetables beforehand.

    And don't forget to come back tomorrow at 7 PM to catch the next installment of this series where we will discuss everything about the Day 2 of the GM diet. #7daydietplan

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