GM Diet Day 3: How to Lose 7kgs in 7 Days

gm diet day 3 lose 7kgs in 7 days

If you successfully navigated Day 1 and Day 2 of the GM Diet, then congratulations! Life is now going to get infinitely easier.

So let's not waste any more time and dive right into the specifics of the third day of the uber-famous GM Diet that promises to help you lose 7kgs in 7 days.

Please note: If you missed our introductory article on the GM Diet, we recommend you read that first as that will help you understand why the diet works and how you can successfully complete it. 


Day 3: Fruits + Vegetables Day

By the end of the second day of the GM diet, you will have accomplished two things - complete detoxification of your body and a significant decrease in the size of your appetite. Both of which will help you significantly on the third day because on Day 3 you will be eating only fruits and vegetables throughout the day, except potatoes and bananas.

The idea behind this is to teach your body to use up its stored fats as fuel and reinforce the habit of eating healthy.


Why No Potatoes and Bananas?

Bananas and potatoes are calorie dense and are rich sources of carbohydrates. That's why Day 3 restricts you from eating these because you will be receiving enough carbs from the fruits on the menu.


Drink Lots of Water

Like the previous two days of the diet, you need to drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water again on the third day.

And if you have been having 2 glasses of water every day before your meals for the past two days, you will find it easier to do so again on the third day as your body is now used to drinking water before every meal.


Sample Menu

8 AM - 1 Apple or a bowl of watermelon + 2 glasses of water.

10 AM - 1 Bowl of cantaloupe and papaya + 2 glasses of water.

1 PM - 1 Large bowl of salad with cucumber, tomatoes, beetroots, and lettuce + 2 glasses of water.

4 PM - 1 Orange or a mango + 2 glasses of water.

7 PM - 1 Bowl of raw or boiled vegetables, like french beans, carrots, broccoli, and spinach + 2 glasses of water.


How to Successfully Complete Day 3

Like the first two days of the diet, succeeding on the third day of the GM diet needs some pre-planning.

1. Make sure your refrigerator is stocked up before the day.

2. Prepare a meal plan for Day 3 with exacts timings on the night of Day 2.

3. Carry a few apples with you at all times, in case you get hungry. (You will, nevertheless, have lesser episodes of untimely hunger pangs on Day 3 compared to Day 1 and 2.)

4. Drink 2 glasses of water before every meal to reduce your appetite and also meet your daily requirement of 8 - 10 glasses.

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