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This Is How Muscles Grow

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Maintaining muscle makes you feel confident as you tend to stay in shape. Our bodies are actually designed to work hard but we tend to sit for the whole day.

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Humans are designed to run, jump, climb, crawl, push, pull to be able to hunt well and survive. But today, we just need to work on a computer to get the daily bread and that's why we are out of shape.

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But still, we can do all the actions in gym to keep the body in shape. If you wish to know how muscle growth works, then read on...


Fact #1

In order to gain size and strength, you must work on your muscles. You must challenge them regularly. In order to challenge them, you need to lift heavy.


Fact #2

When you lift heavy weights, your muscles work hard. More blood will be pumped to those areas and your body ensures that it raises to the challenge.


Fact #3

When you go beyond your capacity and lift heavier, some of your muscle fibres tear. You will feel sore after the weight lifting session. This is the starting point of growth.


Fact #4

You need to give 48 hours of rest for the muscles that feel sore. During the process, your muscles recover, repair and build themselves again.


Fact #5

Muscle growth requires nutrients out of which protein plays an important role. Eat big to grow big. Your diet should be proportionate to the amount of work you do in the gym.


Fact #6

Sleep and rest are as important as food and exercise. Real muscle growth and recovery occurs during your sleep and resting periods.


Fact #7

Over working does more harm than good. Therefore, in the initial stages, it is better to workout under the supervision of a trainer.

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