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Weight Loss Tips For Forty Plus

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As your age starts advancing, your muscles tend to become inflexible and stiff as your metabolism tends to go slow. In fact, your muscle mass decreases and bone density also tends to reduce as you age.

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A study claims that your calorie burning capacity tends to reduce at least by 2-3% every decade. In fact, that is one hidden reason why you tend to put on weight as age advances even though you eat the same amount of food as ever.

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With age, even hormonal changes make things worse. The reason behind belly fat could be hormonal issues which aren't on your side after you start ageing. So, here are some weight loss tips...


Tip #1

Firstly, consult your doctor whether your age and health condition allows you to lift weights. If you maintain muscle mass, your fat levels can be reduced as muscles require more energy.


Tip #2

Don't place unrealistic goals before you. Set small targets and reach them to motivate yourself.


Tip #3

With age, your joints tend to pain if you try exercises that stress them. So, try something like swimming which is easier for the joints.


Tip #4

Say no to sweets completely after 40. See every single sweet as a 10 minute of extra exercise so that you will remember that sweets require calorie burning activities after consumption.


Tip #5

Stress upsets your inner environment. stress can release cortisol and may also cause you to eat unwanted stuff.


Tip #6

Keep yourself active even through your daily activities. Try gardening etc., to burn extra calories without knowing.


Tip #7

Never miss sleep even a single night. Even lack of sleep could make your metabolism slower which makes calorie burning difficult.

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