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Follow These Simple Tips Every Night And Lose Up To 5 Kilos In A Month!

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Are you someone who has been struggling with your weight for a while now? Do you miss wearing trendy clothes, which are not available in your size anymore?

If yes, then we understand how frustrating it must be for you. Battling with weight loss can be one of the hardest things one can go through.

Putting on weight can happen in a matter of a day, however, losing the same amount of weight can take months together!

Being obese or overweight, especially at a younger age can deteriorate a person's appearance to a considerable extent and also be a huge blow to their self-confidence.

In addition, being overweight or obese is also extremely unhealthy and is the root cause of many serious diseases.

The causes of weight gain are numerous, such as, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, heredity, etc.

If you do not take steps to reduce weight and get healthier, it can lead to serious health complications.

So, here are a few effective weight loss tips to follow every night, which can help you lose up to 5 kilos in a month!


1. Have Herbal Tea

By having a cup of hot herbal tea, after dinner, you can lose belly fat at a much faster rate, as the antioxidants in herbal tea aid weight loss.


2. Have Protein-Rich Dinner

Add more proteins, like, paneer, beans, chickpeas, etc, to your dinner, as protein has the ability to fight fat cells.


3. Have A Light Dinner

Ensure that your dinner is a light one, ideally comprising of salads, soups, roti-sabzi, etc. This habit can quicken the process of weight loss.


4. Have A Night-time Routine

Have a fixed night-time routine, for example, fix a time for dinner, some light exercise after dinner, etc., so that you can avoid binge-eating.


5. Take A Walk

After dinner, it is advisable to take a walk or indulge in some light exercise, as this habit can help burn more calories.


6. Turn Up The Air Conditioner

Yes, a recent study has claimed that colder temperatures can help burn the fat deposits in your body at a faster rate.


7. Drink Mint Juice

You can drink a cup of fresh mint juice, with no sugar, every night after dinner, as mint is known to aid weight loss effectively.

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Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2016, 18:39 [IST]
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