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Will You Get Married In 2019? Check It Out Here


Marriage on your mind? Are questions related to marriage not letting you find peace? Will you get married in 2019? Or you will have to wait for some more time? Is marriage on the cards this year? How will your marriage horoscope be for the year 2019? Well, if these are the questions on your mind, here is the answer. Read on whether you will get married in the year 2019 as per your zodiac sign. Read more.

2019 Yearly Horosocpe



Aries might have to wait for some more time and not be able to find a suitable match this year. As a trait of this fire sign, do not panic, rather try to be patient. After all, it is marriage, something that you are definitely going to do. Probably the stars want you to enjoy bachelorhood for some more time. The later the better.
Well, the bottom line is, you will have to wait for some more time and should enjoy your days of ''pre-marriage love''.

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Marriage can definitely be on the cards in 2019 for the Taurus. Though not until March. So, 2019 would be the time just for you and your beloved. You can tie the knot after March, with chances being higher in April. Such an announcement will also make your relationship stronger.

Taurus Yearly Horoscope



Though there have not been quite many chances in the past few years for your marriage, the time has changed this year. The year is auspicious for you to tie the knot. Singles might meet a partner of choice. Decide on a date after getting your horoscope checked. Any auspicious date can be selected. Enjoy the happy days and let the love be blessed.

Gemini Yearly Horoscope



Wait, is what we would say to Cancer. Think and rethink. This does not mean that your partner is not correct, but since you are one of the most impatient zodiacs, you should not later realise that it was not the right time. The first two and the last two months are the most auspicious to take the relationship to its next level.

Cancer Yearly Horoscope



Time is absolutely in your favour. Be it falling in love and waiting for your beloved's consent, or introducing the partner to your parents, or even planning the marriage, things will turn out to be in your favour only. All you have to do is plan and execute, on auspicious dates.

Leo Yearly Horoscope



Say it out if your heart is cherishing love for somebody secretly. Chances of success in love can be predicted. Months of Jan, Feb, March and April are auspicious. You might not want to rush into marriage so early. June, October and December will offer an auspicious time for marriage. Those waiting for an auspicious time can tie the knot in any of these months.

Virgo Yearly Horoscope



The marriage horoscope is favourable for the Librans. The year is auspicious for you to get married. Some Librans have been waiting for the right time since the past few months. It is the right time for them to celebrate their big day any time in the year.

Libra Yearly Horoscope



We would suggest you also not to rush into marriage, if the current relationship or partner is a new one for you. Take some more time to understand your partner better before starting a married life, which comes with a lot of responsibilities. However, you can obviously get engaged. Otherwise, the time is auspicious to get married for those waiting since long.

Scorpio Yearly Horoscope



Those already in the right company but waiting for the right time might get to celebrate their big day this year. The year has come with favourable time for those who are looking for suitable partners. You might meet someone, who turns out to be the partner for life.

Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope



Time has come when those nurturing secret love should open their hearts before their special one. Though you might have to wait till March for getting married, the period post that would be for sure favourable, if the beloved has also consented for marriage.

Capricorn Yearly Predictions



Waiting for some more time and trying to find out more about your partner's family would not be a wrong decision. Singles will meet their love and life partner this year. However, wait and give the relationship some more time if the relationship is a new one.

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Your plans for marriage have been delayed for some time. But no more this time. The right time has come when you can end the wait and celebrate the auspicious year of your wedding. Even those waiting to express their heart before someone can go ahead and execute their plans of love.

Pisces Yearly Predictions