Gemini Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

Your family life will be good this year. Relationship with your spouse will be harmonious. But do not sideline important things in life for love. Try to understand each other and work towards building a better relationship. It is important to listen to your spouse carefully and give importance to their opinions. Avoid criticising your partner at any cost. You are advised to keep good relations with your mother. Regularly take their blessings and shower them with gifts. You will receive the support of your brothers and sisters in business.


Saturn will be positioned in your 7th house, which means you will be worried due to your spouse's health. Long illness is also predicted for your spouse and you. In case of short illnesses, you are advised to not delay visiting a doctor, as the illness may be life-threatening.

Take utmost care of your diet too. You may suffer from ailments of the liver and private parts. Certain part of your body may suffer from neurosis which may trouble you further. Pain in shoulders, upper back and lower back are foreseen. All these illnesses can be prevented by following a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Try to make yoga a part of your daily routine.


You will dream to achieve things beyond your capacity which you may achieve provided the dreams are not unrealistic. Also, make efforts to sincerely work towards your goal and you will definitely achieve it. You might be a bit worried financially because of the position of Rahu. You are advised to be careful regarding your economy. You may also come across certain losses which can be avoided by finding the reason for the loss and working towards converting it into profits.


Jupiter is placed in the fifth house of your sign and will move on to the 6th house in October. This means that Jupiter will be retrograde, which will ensure you a job. You are advised to showcase the best side of your personality to everyone and have control over your emotions. Do not enter into unnecessary arguments with anybody.


This is a very important year for you in terms of business. You will receive profits. You will also earn money through interests and your debtors too will be prompt with their payment. It is also a good year to work in partnerships. Be quick in resolving any issues if rising. Patience will be the key to your success this year.

Love Life

Geminis are very romantic people and take no time in falling in love. This year is predicted to be very good for you. If you are in a relationship for long, the chances of getting married this year are pretty high. Singles will meet their soul mates this year. Married people are advised to support their wives. Marital life will be bliss. It is very important that you be honest with your spouse for harmony in the relationship.

Married Life

Time has come when those in a relationship since long might finally get married. Married women will get complete support from their husbands. The entire year shows peace and love being maintained between you and your spouse. 7th house is associated with marriage and Jupiter is the ruler. Jupiter seems to be sitting in the 6th house of Scorpio.

Some difficulties (though not major) might come between you and your spouse. The overall situation of the relationship seems that of love and romance, since Geminis are known to be romantic. However, Jupiter being placed near Mars might cause some conflicts in the first few months. For those wanting to tie the knot, the time is auspicious only after March.

Problems might also crop up because of the already prevailing tensions in the family. Controlling your temper would be one of the ways of maintaining peace and harmony. Good time from August follows for those aspiring for kids this year. Since no problem or issue will last for long, the overall scene through the year would be that of peace and harmony.


You will feel energetic at the beginning of the year to fulfil all your dreams; the fulfilment of some realistic dreams will make you feel empowered even more. Rahu appears placed in your sign, Jupiter placed in the 5th house (it will move to the 6th house around October).

Though you might begin your year with some worries regarding debts, loans or approaching increased expenses. However, the year brings ahead great opportunities for monetary gains. Money seems to come from investments. Debtors who owe you money will also pay off this year.

You can plan to start a business venture with some friend, as your yearly horoscope seems to favour partnerships. Do not let much of occupational issues arise just to bother your work and your concentration; resolve them at the earliest. The year brings an exceptionally good time for those working in the field of education. Doctors, lawyers and those working as managers shall also see a good year.





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