Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


This is the year when you will need to take care of your health. Individuals who will feel anxious and restless, or mentally disturbed need to take extra care of their health in the year 2019.

Experts reveal that due to insufficient rest you will feel tired. Individuals who are middle-aged between 45-50 years of age, need to be extra cautious during the months of June-July 2019 and October-November 2019 as this will be the time of the year when you will fall ill.

Individuals who are suffering from health conditions like diabetes, obesity, thyroid, ulcer or even acidity should ideally not neglect their health as there are chances of things getting worse for them.

Experts reveal that this is the year where you need to concentrate on activities like yoga, meditation and walking. You will also need to control your diet to stay fit and stop thinking negatively to remain healthy.

Remember that if you take care of your body, you will remain healthy and stay fit throughout the year. If you have been thinking about losing weight and have not been able to do it for a very long time, then this is the year when you will focus on losing weight.

It is also seen that due to excessive stress you will tend to binge eat or even choose junk food over healthy food. Avoid doing so as your primary focus is to stay healthy and in shape.

Your yearly horoscope also reveals that you will suffer from some diseases during this year and will also recover quickly as well. On the other hand, it is also seen that during this year you will recover from any kind of past illness or chronic ailment as well.

Overall, this year is promising on the health front, but it also depends on the position of the planets in your horoscope. Moreover, if your immune system is strong, you will mostly stay fit in 2019, as per the predictions of your health horoscope 2019.


This will be the year when you will be able to manage your wealth and property matters well throughout the year. Individuals who are willing to sell their property are most likely to get a great deal during the period from March to December 2019.

Individuals who apply for loans for property-related matters will also get it approved instantly. There are chances that you will suddenly buy a house or vehicle for some reason.

Experts also reveal that your desire to make more money by investing in real estate will also get fulfilled this year. There is a strong possibility of receiving some wealth this year.

Your horoscope predicts that the year 2019 will be a promising one regarding your investments and also on the professional front. Due to this your bank balance, wealth and property will increase mostly by the end of the year. It is also seen that plans of buying a house or a vehicle for your family will turn out to be great for you.

According to the yearly horoscope of Scorpio for wealth, you will be able to succeed in any kind of property deal that you wish to crack. If you wish to sell your property and instead use that money to purchase something new and more significant, then the year 2019 will be the year of success. Your horoscope also reveals that all the financial crisis will come to an end, and your business will flourish.

But experts also reveal that this is a time that you should not get over excited with success in money matters. As per your wealth horoscope for 2019, you need to exercise restraint in your attitude.

Experts warn you to be careful with your investments and not to trust anyone blindly or quickly, as the horoscope predicts that there are chances of you getting betrayed in money matters. Your overall yearly predictions reveal that you need to stay alert with regards to property dealings and also avoid fights with your family regarding your property as well.

Family Life

You are basically an emotional and short-tempered individual and do not like it when somebody messes with your family. Your yearly horoscope reveals that you need to devote your time to your family.

Experts reveal that the period from the first week of January until the first week of April 2019 will be perfect for you regarding your family relations. During the year, you will encourage your kids to do well and will also see the results very soon. Your family atmosphere will be mostly great all throughout the year.

However, your horoscope also reveals that the period from the second week of April to August will have a negative and adverse impact on your family life. You will face problems such as disagreements, dissatisfaction and differences in your family during the last three months of the year 2019.

Hence, it is advisable that you learn to calmly handle the situation and also avoid any kind of controversies related to your family coming your way. It is also seen that parents will remain anxious throughout the year and will complain about their children being dissatisfied for some reason during the year.

Apart from this, the third week of March 2019 until the year-end will be average for your children. There are chances that you will lose track of your child's progress. All that you need to do is leave the negative aspects and focus on your child's growth through the year. You will get mixed results for things related to your children in the year 2019. You will also face issues with your elders at home.

Also, you need to try and solve everything very patiently during this tough times of the year, or else everything will slip out of your hands. Your horoscope reveals that you will be celebrating some auspicious occasions like engagements or a close relative's wedding in your family.

Overall, your yearly predictions for family life predict that the year will bring in mixed results regarding your family matters.

Love Life

This is the year when you will finally be able to resolve issues with your love interest by communicating and expressing your emotions to them. Your love horoscope for 2019 reveals that even if you have disharmony in your relationship, you might go through a breakup in your love life, so you need to stay calm and be extra cautious with them during this year. You also need to make sure that you speak to your partner and resolve anything that is causing chaos in your love life.

It is also seen that there is a possibility of you getting involved in some kinds of brawls, arguments or differences with your partner throughout the year. Hence, experts advise that you need to avoid arguments during this period.

Remember that dragging the arguments and discussions, or making your partner understand that arguing is not the only solution to solve the problem will help you in sorting out the differences with them. Individuals who are not involved in any romantic relationships will now find a partner and soon this will develop into a relationship.

However, experts reveal that you need to take special care during June-July 2019 as it will be very unlucky for you and your loved one regarding love. During the year, it is also seen that you will be highly occupied in your professional life and the love horoscope predictions reveal that because of this you will not be able to spare time for your partner throughout the year.

As a result, it is seen that it will aggravate situations and also increase the problems in your life. Instead, you need to try and spend some quality time with your loved one as this will help in maintaining the warmth and intimacy in your relationship.

Marriage Life

Overall, in the year 2019 you will see many ups and downs in this sector of your life. Any kind of confusion or misunderstanding that you have been facing in the past with your partner will get cleared during this year.

Experts also reveal that individuals who are engaged will finally get married. The months of January and February 2019 will be suitable for your marriage. This is the year when your love for your special one will increase immensely.

You need to make plans of going on a holiday with your partner to keep the spark burning in your relationship. But, at the same time, your marriage horoscope warns you to remain careful during January and February 2019 as this will help in avoiding any kind of arguments, conflicts, disagreements or mistrust with your loved one.

On the other hand, you need to take care of your words and behaviour with your loved one during the March to May 2019 period. This is the time that can bring a few hassles for you. Make sure you do not get hyper or aggressive during arguments with your partner. Apart from this, your yearly horoscope also predicts your extra-marital affair being exposed and as a result, this can even lead to a breakup of your marriage.

All that you need to do is keep your hands off extramarital affairs and focus on your married life. Overall, your married life in 2019 will remain pleasant and peaceful along with a few twists and turns coming your way all throughout the year.

If a divorce is indicated in your married life, then you need to avoid any type of brawl or conflicts from March to August 2019. Also, if you wish that your married life needs to be fruitful, then you need to try and take out time for your partner even from your super hectic schedule. This will be the year when your partner will realise how important they are in your life.


The year 2019 will be all about mixed results regarding your education life as per your horoscope. Individuals who are pursuing higher studies should ensure that they put in extra effort during the year. You will have no alternative than to work harder and remain focused on your studies.

Experts reveal that you will be unable to make the best use of your skills and abilities throughout the year. Apart from this, your horoscope also predicts that you will not be able to appear for your exams due to some unexpected obstacles coming your way.

Those who will attend the exams are also predicted to face some problems. Your dream of excelling in your studies will come true only with great determination, motivation and perseverance.

Hence, it is required that you put in extra hard work towards your goal and everything will fall in place. It is also seen that even if you feel like giving up at the moment, you need to work hard and not get disappointed. Instead, you need to move forward as this will help you to get the degree that you have been working on for so many years.

Students who are pursuing higher studies will experience a lot of stress and anxiety during the year. You will be confused while deciding the further line of your studies. Those who are pursuing courses like PhD, CA, CS, or any research-related course will face difficulties in their studies, and your mood will also change frequently.

Overall, the yearly predictions for your education horoscope reveal that you need to work a little extra to become successful. If you remain focused on your studies, then you will definitely move ahead on the path to progress.  


The year 2019 will bring in a lot of new things for you regarding your career. You will see increments and bonuses coming your way this year. Career-related things will be in your favour and individuals who are involved in sales and marketing will also get some great opportunities.

Their dreams of travelling around the world will be fulfilled throughout the year. Experts also reveal that you will enjoy the benefits of travelling abroad for work purpose on a couple of occasions. Making social connections and bonds with new people and places will help you in broadening your horizon.

This will be the year which is going to be extremely important for your career growth. Individuals who wish to have part-time jobs along with their full-time jobs will also become successful in making the right contacts. Your ability to put extra efforts will pave the way for you to get an opportunity from a prestigious company to switch jobs.

A promotion or an increment will be on its way too as per your yearly predictions. On the other hand, freshers will also be blessed with various jobs this year.

However, in the period from June to August 2019, you will face too many technical errors and glitches in your work. All that you need to do this year is to avoid politics and gossiping, and instead concentrate and focus on your work.   


Your path to prosperity will become more comfortable this year is what your yearly horoscope reveals as far as your occupation sector is concerned. This is the year when industrialists and entrepreneurs will finally be able to set up new projects.

The year 2019 predicts that you will be able to reach unprecedented heights in the occupation that you choose. Individuals like sportspersons will get super opportunities to exhibit their strength and ability throughout the year.

This is the year when you will also see a change or breakup in partnership with your business partner between March and August 2019. Individuals who have been thinking of buying real estate, land, property and vehicles will be highly successful as this year luck is on their side.

In any kind of situation throughout the year, you will not face any significant crisis in the occupation that you choose. Also, experts reveal that you are bound to grow personally in your occupation, and the reason for this will be your accomplishments in the areas of finance and money as well.

Your growth is going to give you more positivity, as it will make you feel more enthusiastic about building your career/profession. Your overall growth in your occupational life for 2019 reveals that your profession will help you boost your prestige and social standing all throughout the year.

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