Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

Your family life will be good all year round. Affection from brothers and sisters will be aplenty. Your family relations will be good. You are also predicted to embark on a journey with them but will also face some increase in expenses.

Saturn is placed in your sign, due to which there will be slight problems in your marital life. Avoid lying to your wife as you will eventually be caught red-handed. You are advised to come upfront with the truth and not to be scared by it.

The presence of Saturn in your second house will let you invest in speculations. The health of your mother may trouble you a bit. Jupiter is placed in your 5th house, which will be the reason for some arguments with your children. It will also keep you worried regarding their health. Your father's illness may also trouble you.

You will receive the complete support of your siblings. Reciting Shani Stotra continuously for 40 days will provide relief from tensions. Lord Saturn will be retrograde on your 8th house too which will lead to fights among family members regarding inheritance. You are also predicted to buy/sell property. Therefore, you are advised to tread cautiously.


Healthwise, you will have an average year. Problems related to the upper part of your throat might trouble you. Problems regarding the eyes, ears, forehead or joint pains too will be common. You may fall sick by consuming too hot or cold foods. Digestive or kidney problems may arise. Taking adequate rest is advised. Consuming lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning will benefit your health greatly.


The presence of Lord Jupiter in your 2nd house will allow you to buy/sell property. But this presence may also lead to unnecessary expenses. This is a very good year to undertake auspicious tasks though. Things like donations, religious tasks or any tasks related to studies will definitely give you success.

From October, Jupiter will move into your 1st house. This position will let you earn wealth easily. Because Jupiter will move in its last leg, you are advised to take precautions to negate its effects in your life. Donating some sweets, books or a yellow object to Brahmins will help you avoid obstacles in your course.


There are troubled times ahead of you in case you are unemployed. However, it is a good time to travel abroad to pursue higher studies. The employed need to stay careful at their workplace as their colleagues may be planning schemes against them at work which may lead to them losing their jobs. You are advised to carry out your duties responsibly at work and not trust others.


For those in the business field, this is a good year for you. Your income sources will increase. Your business will too earn profits.

Love Life

Your love relations will be good. You are advised not to listen to other people as it may lead to you breaking up with your partner. There are high chances of a love marriage for you this year, that too with the consent of your family members.

Married Life

Venus is in charge of the 7th house for your sign. It is in a state of combustion at the beginning of the year. It is predicted that the influence of Jupiter seems to be there in the seventh house as it helps you to maintain peace and harmony in your marital life this year. There are chances of having minor differences with your spouse, though throughout the year.

The retrogression of Venus is predicted to cause differences. No emotional issues are involved when it comes to your family. On the other hand, couples who are eager to have a child would be blessed by the good news during the month.  


When it comes to managing a career, you seem to set an example for the rest of the zodiac signs. This is one of the main reasons why you make great managers and believe in seeking solutions to problems. You seem to be intensely focused all through the month, and you are also determined to achieve what is best for you.

Due to your involvement in regards to detailing and with a magnetic personality you know how to probe further and also make sure to get what exactly you want. You want respect and not appreciation in return for your tasks.

Through the year you will realise that you would be spending a lot of time interacting with colleagues and talk about how as a team, you can enhance and make sure of better profits.    


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