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8 Reasons Why You Get Rashes On Scalp
Rashes are generally not a very severe issue. Sometimes, there can be some environmental irritants due to which the rashes emerge, while at other times, the rashes may appear due to some hidden skin condition. There can be various causes for ...
How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Eczema
Dermatitis is a skin issue that makes the skin areas disturbed with rashes. Atopic eczema is the most well-known type of dermatitis that is combined with irritation and aggravation. So, if you want to know how to treat dermatitis, then follow ...
How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Eczema
Herbal Remedies For Groin Rash!
Is the area down there itchy, red with painful small bumps? Then you have the dreaded groin rashes, which is why we have curated these herbal remedies. Check the area for the severity of the condition. Is it red, accompanied with ...
Overnight Remedies For Dry Rashes That Really Work!
With the winters creeping on to us, skin rashes are also a regular occurrence. No amount of moisturiser can help when it comes to healing skin rashes. So, it's a good thing that we have these remedies for dry rashes that ...
Overnight Remedies For Dry Rashes That Really Work
How To Deal With Seasonal Rashes On The Skin
The cold brings with it some problems like seasonal skin rashes. So, what can you do to deal with them? The best option is to use natural ingredients. When it comes to skin sensitivity, it is best to stick to natural ...
What To Do When You Have Rashes On Your Upper Lip?
The upper lip area tends to be one of the driest areas of the entire face, along with the areas surrounding the lips. Here, we'll be sharing with you tips on what you can do when you have rashes on your ...
How To Deal With Shaving Rashes On The Body?
Shaving is the most convenient method for body hair removal. But, if not done correctly, it can lead to rashes on the body. So, we will tell you how to deal with shaving rashes on the body. Contrary to what most ...
How To Deal With Shaving Rashes
10 Ayurvedic Remedies For Scalp Rashes
A scalp rash or an itchy scalp is not just a symptom of dryness of the skin but many other scalp-related issues. To add to this, an itchy scalp is extremely embarrassing when it occurs in public. This condition can be ...
Ten Ayurvedic Remedies For Scalp Rashes
Herbal Remedies To Get Rid Of Armpit Rashes
Did you know that red, scaly, not to mention, immensely painful bumps in your armpit, if not addressed soon, will happily fester for months straight? If you don't want to drag on the pain and worsen the itch, we suggest you ...
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