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Wearing Wrong Size Bra Can Be Dangerous; Know The Reasons

Women, you might get lured by the colourful and fancy bras in the market and you quickly pick them up. Though it might be tight for you but since you bought it you tend to wear it without any second thought.

Well, if you have been wearing such wrong size bra then stop doing this immediately, as it is dangerous. So if you want to know why wearing a wrong size bra is bad and dangerous for your health then you should read here.

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Today in this article we will be explaining about the harmful effects of wearing a wrong size bra. Wearing tight bra or loosely fitted bra, either ways can be harmful. If the bra is loosely fitted it can affect the breast size and cause sagging of the breasts. On the other hand if the bra is too tight it does not just make one feel uncomfortable but it can lead to a series of health issues.

Hence wearing the correct size bra is highly important. Listed here are a few of the ways in which wearing a wrong size bra can affect our health. Have a look.


1. Skin Rashes:

When the bra is tight, it can cause rashes, especially the straps. If you do not take care of it, it might lead to infections as well.


2. Affects Digestion:

When you wear an ill-fitted or a very tight bra it tends to pressurize the diaphragm. When this is left for long it can affect digestion.


3. Affects Lymphatic Nerves:

Wearing the wrong size bra, especially if it is tight, affects the lymphatic nerves. When these lymphatic vessels are compressed, these will not be able to remove the toxins from the body. This has been proved by a recent study conducted in Bristol University as well.


4. Breast Cancer Risk:

Wearing an extremely tight bra can affect the blood flow to the breasts and if this is continued for long it might cause breast cancer as well.


5. Chronic Back & Neck Pain:

Wearing a tight bra can cause a lot of strain on the shoulders and slowly the pressure exerts up to the neck region causing extreme pain in the back, neck as well as the rib cage. This problem is more severe among women whose breast size is large.


6. Breathing Difficulty:

When you wear an ill-fitted bra or a bra that is too tight it tends to put pressure or stress on the bones and the muscles. This in turn causes breathing difficulty. So women, the next time you feel a sudden difficulty in breathing, check your bra size.


7. Damage The Mammary Gland Tissue:

When the bra that you are wearing is too tight or ill-fitted it can affect the mammary gland tissue. When the breasts are constantly pressed against the rib cage the toxins fail to get released and in turn get deposited into the mammary glands. This in the long run can put women at a risk of developing breast cancer.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 16, 2017, 15:05 [IST]