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How To Treat Intertrigo: Safe And Effective Home Remedies
Intertrigo is a skin condition caused due to friction or moisture buildup in the skin folds. It is common in people with diabetes and obesity. Due to the skin-to-skin friction and accumulation of sweat, the skin becomes sensitive and starts itching. ...
Roseola In Babies: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
Babies are often very susceptible to infections as their immunity is not fully developed. They are also more prone to catching infections due to their daily activities in the kindergarten as well. While a child receives immunity from quite a few ...
Roseola In Babies Causes Symptoms And Treatment
Best Remedies To Get Relief From Skin Rashes
One skin problem that can cause a great deal of discomfort is a skin rash. A majority of these rashes are caused by allergens and can be characterized by inflamed, itchy and red skin. This type of rash can occur on ...
Best Remedies To Get Relief From Skin Rashes
Do You Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them?
When you buy a new dress from a store , you want to immediately try them out and see how well it fits you! But don't you think there would have been n number of trials that the particular dress might ...
Quick Home Remedies For Fungal Infections During Monsoon
One of the most common yet irritating problems during the misty weather conditions of monsoon is the burning, itchy sensation of the skin caused by the rashes. As we all know rashes can change the colour of the skin and maybe ...
Home Remedies To Treat Fungal Infections During Monsoon
Things That Can Happen When You Don't Wipe Your Sweat
Sweating is a normal process of the body that acts as a natural cooling system. Apart from that, sweating is important for the excretion process of the body. Normally sweat will evaporate by itself. If not, there is no choice other ...
Common Period Skin Problems & How To Fix Them
Along with being a general pain to deal with, periods bring with them a host of skin problems that make you feel even worse and more irritated than how the periods make you feel otherwise. No matter what you do, these ...
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