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Overnight Remedies For Dry Rashes That Really Work!

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With the winters creeping on to us, skin rashes are also a regular occurrence. No amount of moisturiser can help when it comes to healing skin rashes. So, it's a good thing that we have these remedies for dry rashes that would work overnight!

Years of having these rashes has gotten us to finally trust these remedies and hence we're listing them down for you today. Yes, all of the remedies for dry rashes have been tried and tested, so they definitely work and we aren't just making this list for the sake of it.

In fact, some of us are really suffering from these rashes right now. And no amount of lotions and creams have helped so far.

But, trust us, these home remedies will definitely work overnight and you'd be amazed at the results as well. You'd have your soft skin back in no time at all. Because, yes, these rashes can be really painful to look at and even feel.

It is a blessing to have all these remedies that would work overnight. So, here are the overnight remedies for dry rashes. Try them out!

1. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera gel helps soothe and calm the skin. Just coat your rashes with the gel and leave it overnight. Make sure you coat it well. Your skin needs to absorb the aloe gel for this to work its magic on your skin.

overnight remedies for dry rashes

2. Vitamin E: Pierce a few vitamin E capsules and apply the oil from them onto your skin. Apply this directly on the rashes, and wake up to a rash-free body. That's how to get rid of dry rashes effectively at home.

overnight remedies for dry rashes

3. Petroleum Jelly: Rub petroleum jelly on the area and sleep with it on. This will definitely cure your dry rash overnight, leaving you with a soft skin.

overnight remedies for dry rashes

4. Lip Balm: And if all the other quick-fix remedies fail, you can try out our trusted friend, the good old lip balm. This is actually one of the best overnight remedies for dry rashes on your body.

overnight remedies for dry rashes

5. Coconut Oil: Is there any skin or hair problem that coconut oil cannot solve? Well, apply a thick layer of coconut oil on the rash and watch your rash disappear in the morning like magic!

overnight remedies for dry rashes

6. Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter not only smells amazing, but also helps hydrate the skin to a really deep level. This will make the rash go away and your skin will be soft and smooth in no time at all.

overnight remedies for dry rashes
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Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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