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What You Should Never Do If You Have Boil Down There

By Pooja Kaushal

If you have a boil down there it causes two types of pains - physical and mental. A boil is in itself very painful and if it is down there it causes double the pain. It leaves you in an awkward position as you find it difficult to sit, stand or walk.

And added to all this is the discomfort of telling anyone what the problem is. No one would like to reveal such information though the pain is visible to all. Might be rather embarrassing too.

If you are suffering from such a condition keep in mind certain things that might prove to be helpful to you. These are things that you should avoid doing if the boil is down there.

• Take proper care of your undergarment. Do not wear wet or dirty undergarments. By dirty we mean wearing one for long hours. It would be advisable to change every four to six hours. This will help prevent any further infection and keep the affected area clean at all times.

• Never ever try to pop a boil. A boil has its own life cycle. When it is ready to burst it will turn a yellow colour and become hard to touch. Not to scare you, but a boil that is soon going to pop will give more pain than usual. Then you should know that it is about to pop. When it does pop, clean it well using an antiseptic liquid and let it dry.

• Wear tight clothes: Choose comfort over style when you have a boil down there. Wearing tight clothes will not only be uncomfortable but will cause immense pain. The boils in themselves are painful, so why cause extra trouble with tight fitting clothes.

• When a boil occurs down there try not to travel much. It will cause unnecessary stress. When it rubs against your skin or clothes it may cause you pain too. You need to be in a comfortable place. If a boil pops while you are travelling it may cause further discomfort and lead to a possible infection as well.

• God forbid you get your periods when you have a painful boil; make sure you are not wearing the same sanitary pad for more than four hours. Make sure to change frequently. This is especially important in the first three days when the flow is maximum. The boil and bleeding may cause trouble to each other. If a boil pops during the periods it may get infected by the bleeding and vice versa.

• You may get advice from people to apply talcum powder down there if you have a boil. Do not do so. Talcum powder is a 'beauty product' and not suitable for infected skin. Consult a doctor as to what treatment to follow. The doctor may also prescribe you some medicated powder which will help heal up the boil.

• When we suffer from some illness, advices pour in from all sides. If you happen to tell anyone about the boil down there you may be advised to apply some cream or lotion. Remember that free advice is available at every corner but not everyone is a doctor. To get your condition treated well you need to only rely on your doctor. What cream or lotion to apply, the doctor will prescribe you those.

A boil down there is embarrassing but has to be treated all the same. Refrain from all the free suggestions pouring in and trust your doctor. You will soon find relief and be back to your normal self.

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