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Signs He’s An Egotistic Loafer

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The exact meaning of loafer is someone who is lazy and fit for nothing. But gradually, many other bad qualities in men were also being attached to the word loafer.

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Putting aside all those meanings, it is a fact that women hate lazy men who just don't get up to do anything. Women hate womanisers. Women hate egotistic men.

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And of course, women hate narcissistic men who are full of themselves. And then, women also hate angry men who lose their temper everywhere and anywhere. Now, here are some signs he isn't a good choice.


He Brags About His Father's Status

Men who constantly talk about their family wealth, status and background are passively hinting that they are fit for nothing. Walk out from such men's company.


He Stares At Other Women

When he comes out on a date with you and stares at other women then tell him openly that you are going to quit if he repeats it.


Shows Off His Muscles

Having muscles is a good thing but showing off will bore you soon. Men who try to show off their muscles at the drop of the hat are the ones who are too obsessed with their bodies. They bore you sooner or later.


Treats Others As His Inferiors

Men who see themselves as gods and others as inferior insects are the ones to stay away from. Humility is the real virtue.


He Gets Into Brawls

Men who keep picking fights everywhere will make your life hell as they just want to show how powerful they are.


He Talks To Your Cleavage

Remind him to look into your eyes. If he still looks at your cleavage and talks to your cleavage then understand what he wants from you.


Uses Bad Words

Men who keep using beep words are speaking volumes about their upbringing and manners. They tend to be unpleasant company later on.


Thinks He's A Super Hero

Men who think they are too smart or too strong will just end up as egotistic megalomaniacs that deserve loneliness and not relationships. Teach him a lesson or run away.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 5:19 [IST]
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