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8 Signs He's The One You Must Not Let Go

Do you wonder if your man is the one you should not let go of? Are you often thinking if he is meant to be your better half? Well, then we are sure that you are looking forward to strengthening your relationship and taking it to another level. However, you need to understand that not everyone is born great. But there are some traits that make a person special and precious.

So, if you are wondering whether he's the one, then scroll down the article to read more.


1. He Makes Effort To Be With You

A guy who is always on his toes to spend time with you is no doubt a special human. You'll notice that he often takes the initiative to plan something so that you two could spend time together. For example, he may ask you to meet him for a coffee or he would come to pick you from your workplace. Even if he is super busy, he will make sure to at least call or text you. For him, spending time with you is quite important. Having such a man in your life is no less than a blessing.


2. He Always Supports You

If you want to know whether he's the one you must not let go of, then ask yourself if he is equally passionate about your dreams? Does he support you and motivate you for achieving your goals? A true man will always wish for your success and believe in you. He will encourage you to emerge as a passionate and hardworking human. Even during the tough times, he will never stop believing in your potential.


3. He Knows How To Keep The Spark Alive

What could be a better thing than having a man who knows how to keep the spark alive in your relationship? This man will always come up with some new and interesting ideas to keep the relationship lively. For example, he may take you on impromptu trips, ask you to come along on trekking, plan a candlelight dinner, etc. He will dedicate himself to love you like anything. At times, you will be amazed to see how beautifully he takes care of you.


4. He Takes Interest In Your Hobbies

Having a guy who passionately takes interest in your hobbies, is a wonderful thing. He will involve himself in doing things that make you happy. Not only this, but he will also praise your interest areas. For him, being a part of hobbies would always make him feel better. Moreover, he won't force you to take interest in his hobbies.


5. He Is The One You Look Forward To Spending Time With Me

Ask yourself, isn't he the person, you always want to share your time with? Whether it's about watching a movie, going to an amusement park, reading a book or spending an entire day at home, you prefer having him by your side. No matter if you are happy or upset, you always look forward to having his company. In fact, his company makes you feel better.


6. He Trusts You No Matter What

A person who trusts you is undoubtedly a true gem. This is because that person puts in his/her faith in you. Similarly, if you man trusts you despite the circumstances and never doubts your actions, words, etc, then this shows that man is the one for you. Instead of believing in the rumours and misunderstanding you every now and then, he will prefer reaching out to you.


7. He Always Does Things To Express His Love For You

Who said in order to express your love, you need to say 'I Love You' all the time? There are numerous ways of expressing your love for the person you love. However, there comes a time when couples stop doing romantic things for each other. But if your man still does things to make you feel special and loved such as cooking something special or leaving romantic notes for you, then he is surely the one you shouldn't let go of.


8. He Respects Your Personal Space

In a relationship, it is quite important to respect each other's personal space. Couples who know how to maintain healthy boundaries and respect each other's personal space in the relationship tend to have a stronger bond. So pay attention to whether he allows you to enjoy your 'me-time' and doesn't disturb you, then you need to keep that man forever with you.

A true man will first treat you as a human and then his girlfriend. He knows that you too have the right to live and be loved. Though there are many other signs that would tell you if your man is the one you must not let go, these are some of the most prominent signs.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 16:15 [IST]