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8 Signs Your Partner No Longer Wants To Be With You

Being in a relationship where your partner is truly dedicated to you is no less than a blessing. This is because you have someone who not only admires you but also cares for you. When you are with such a partner, things may seem quite beautiful. But think about a situation where your longer wants to be with you or feels irritated when you are around. In such a case, you may feel heartbroken and helpless as the person who was once deeply in love with you and wanted you around all the time, no longer has the same feeling.

At times your partner may let you know this through his actions or words but what if your partner doesn't want to hurt your sentiments by letting you know that he/she no longer loves you. Well, there can be a few signs that would tell you if your partner doesn't want to be with you. Today we are here to tell you about these telltale signs. Read on:


1. Your Partner Doesn’t Show Any Affection

In a healthy relationship, couples often show affection to each other. They make each other feel loved by being affectionate and fond of each other. Such as a partner may buy medicine for his/her significant other or would avoid to turn on the light while the other one is sleeping. Your partner would often do things that would make you realise his/her love for you. But if your partner has stopped doing any such thing that may seem adorable to you, then this could be a red flag.


2. Your Partner No Longer Spends Time With You

Have you reached a point in your relationship, where your partner no longer wants to spend any time with you? Does your partner find it boring to sit with you and do things that you did during the initial days of your relationship? Even if you try to make plans for spending time with each other, he/she may make excuses to escape from the same. In fact, your partner may feel annoyed and irritated when you try your best to be around him/her.


3. You Feel Your Partner’s Feelings Have Changed

There can be times when you may feel that your partner's feelings are no longer the same for you. For example, you may feel that your partner is trying to avoid you or doesn't try to understand your problems and emotions. He/she may respond in a different way to you. Instead of feeling loved and special, your partner may feel anxious when you are around.


4. Your Partner Often Avoids You

This is one of the biggest signs that your partner is trying to move away from you. He/she would come up with ways to avoid and stay away from you. For example, your partner would pretend to be asleep when you enter the room or wouldn't take your calls. You may receive vague replies when you try to chat with your partner. Not only this, but your partner would also cancel plans by making lame excuses. He/she may do so to avoid you.


5. You Often Fight For No Reason

There's no such relationship, where couples never fight. They often end up fighting for many things but then they reconcile and strengthen their relationship by working on their grey areas. But if you have entered a phase where you and your partner end up fighting for literally no reasons, then this could be a sign of red flag. Your partner may end up turning any discussion into a nasty fight as he/she may not want to stay with you.


6. Your Partner Is Looking For Someone Else

If you find your partner looking for someone else, even if you are with him/her then this could be a sign that he/she no longer wants to be with you. The moment you confront your partner about the reason behind why he/she is looking for someone else, he/she may deny or give you vague reasons. This could be because he/she doesn't want to hurt you or is too scared to let you know that he/she has lost interest in you.


8. Your Partner No Longer Wants To Have A Conversation With You

One of the other signs that your partner no longer wants to be with you is that he/she may not feel like having a conversation with you. Even if you try to initiate a conversation with your partner, he/she would ignore or would ask you to close the topic.

If you relate to most of the points signs listed above then this shows that your parents are looking for ways to stay away from you. In such a case, rather than losing hope, you can sit with your partner and decide on how to take things forward.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 18:00 [IST]