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9 Tell Tale Signs She Is Putting You Through Tests

Just because you (read: men) went on a date with her and it turned out to be superb, doesn't mean she will consider dating you at once. There's a high chance that she will put you through numerous tests to find out whether or not you are boyfriend material. Surprised, aren't you? The reason behind this could be that many women often consider dating to be a tough thing. They will try their best to ensure that they are entering into a relationship with a decent guy. Perhaps, that's why women often take time to decide whether they should date a guy.

But you may not always be lucky to find out if your girl is putting you through tests. The reason is women often do this in a subtle manner. They will ensure that you are unaware of the fact that they are testing you. Therefore, to help you in knowing whether your girl is testing you, here are some signs that you can go through.


1. She Asks About Your Past

A woman may not be interested in knowing who you dated or how was your romance with your ex (es). In fact, she may want to know how did your relationship end and why did you dump your ex and vice-versa. The way you talk about your past relationship (s) and ex (es) helps her in testing you. By asking such questions, she tries to figure out if you are a reliable person and if she is doing the right thing by going out on dates with you.


2. She Stays At Arm’s Length Away From You

If you think some women are at times hard to get, then this is true. You may not believe this but at times many women play hard to get and would do anything to stay at an arm's length from you. They do this just to check how far will you go for her and if you are really serious. She may pretend to be least interested in you or running away from you. The reason behind doing so could be a fear that you may lose interest in her the moment she starts dating you and investing her emotions and time into the relationship.


3. She Often Brings Her Best Friend With Her

During the initial days, you may find your girl bringing her best friend (s) with her. She may insist you meet her best friend (s) but trust us this may not just be a meeting but a potential test scenario for you. A woman may like you but she may not be sure about whether you are boyfriend material. She may fear that her emotions may not help her in choosing a decent partner and therefore, she may bring her best friend (s) with her or would seek their validation.


4. She Cancels The Plans

She may cancel plans not because she doesn't want to go out with you or is busy with something important. Instead, she may cancel the plans only to check how you react to it or if you will try your best the next time. Moreover, doing so helps her to figure out how hard you will try to spend time with her or if you will try your best to convince her to come out with you. So, if your woman likes you but keeps on canceling plans, do not give up easily. It could be possible that she is waiting for you to convince her in a better way.


5. She Mentions About Her Ex (es)

We know that you may not like it when your girl mentions her ex (es) but do you know that she may talk about them to see what your reactions are. She may talk about them to see if you lose your cool and overreact or if you stay calm and trust her. Moreover, she does so to see if you get jealous or overprotective when she mentions her ex (es). The moment you get offended in no time, this may make her believe that you are not one she should date.


6. She Asks You To Help Her

The moment your girl asks you to help her out, please do not consider it to be a plain request. This is because it could be one of the signs that she is testing you. Every woman in this world wants a man who is equally efficient and hardworking. Even if she is capable of doing the work all by herself, she will try to ask for your help to check if you are a helpful and generous person. Asking for her help is a way to find out if she can ever rely on you during tough times.


7. She Often Observes Every Single Detail About You

Holding the gates open for her or pulling the chairs for her may seem quite cheesy for you but this tells a lot about your personality. If you think women notice these things too, then you are absolutely right. Not only this, but they may also observe the way you eat, talk and treat other people. She may order a fancy dish to test how you eat or would pay attention to the way you talk or walk. But that doesn't mean you need to pretend in front of your girl as she will find it no time.


8. She Asks About Your Aspirations And Future Goals

Though you may find it quite cliche and cheesy to talk about your future goals, this could be one of the tests that a woman may put you through. She may want to check what your goals are and if you are ambitious. Your answer will help her in knowing how you see your future and if she fits into it. So, next time your girl asks you about your future plans and goals, make sure you do not answer just for the sake of it.


9. She Talks About Your Friends

There's a high chance that your girl would talk about your friends and at times, she may even complain about them. For example, she may say that you are not in the right companionship or have weird friends. Not only this but there can be times when she may not show interest in hanging out with your friends.

If you relate to most of the signs, then it could be clear that your girl is putting you through some tests. But that doesn't mean, you have to feel disappointed or give up on her. Instead stay patient and try to put more and more effort into your relationship. This way you will be able to not only to prove yourself a potential boyfriend but also win her confidence.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 17:30 [IST]