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Is She Wife Material?

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You might come across many women who come close to your heart in your entire journeys of life but not all of them are wife material.

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Do you want to grow old with someone? Can you wake up to her every morning with a smile? Can you share all your secrets with her?

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Well, it may take time for men to understand the difference between dating material and wife material. When you meet your soul mate, you enter the best phase of your life. Well, here are some tips to know that she is wife material.


She's A Good Listener

She carefully listens to you, tries to understand your needs and is always receptive to your ideas.


When You're Sick....

She take good care of you, when you are down with fever. She always wants to see you in good health.


She Takes Pleasure In Cooking For You

She loves to cook food for you. She almost cares for you like a mother.


She Organises Your Schedules

She takes care about your life, gives reminders about important meetings, tries to push your career forward and sees that your life is organised.


She Is Independent

Though she loves you deeply, she is also independent; someone who can take care of herself.


You Can Even Cry...

You can be yourself and can show all emotions to her without hiding. Even if you want to shed a tear in times of weakness, you can do so without feeling stupid in front of her.


You Can Show Your Weak Side Too...

You don't need to be a hero all the time. You can show your vulnerable side to her. You don't need to pretend and don't need to be conscious with her.


You'll Feel Good When She's Around

When your special someone is around, you tend to feel good all the time. You tend to get a feeling that you have never experienced before. And its not a physical, emotional or intellectual feeling. It is more than all that.


She Is Not Selfish

She always put the needs of the relationship first instead of being selfish. She finds happiness in your happiness.


She Gives Her Best

When a woman loves you deeply, you will surely get the ultimate pleasure of this planet through her. Women tend to go out of their way to offer pleasure when they are truly in love.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 7:44 [IST]
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