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Things You Would Like To Do For Him

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When a woman gradually develops affection towards a man, she would like to do certain things in order to get close to him and enjoy his company.

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When a man falls in love, he tends to day dream about his future with his woman. He also plans to overwhelm her with his love and pamper her by taking her to dinners and treats.

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In the same a way, women too feel like doing certain things for a man they love deeply. Well, this may totally change from one woman to another depending upon their preferences.

Here are some general things that some women may love to do for their men.


Cook For Him

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, goes a saying. Maybe this is why, some women would like to cook a tasty meal for someone special on a special day.


Dress For Him

Though you don't like to dress according to someone's wishes, when you fall in love, you may suddenly feel like wearing a dress of his favourite colour and trying a hairstyle of his choice.



Another thing you would want to do for him is walking with him. Though you have a busy schedule, going for a short walk with him may give you immense pleasure and you don't mind taking time out for that.


Touch Him

During your initial conversations, a sudden touch even by mistake can give both of you a thrill. And when he craves for more, you would some times show mercy and touch him.



This is the best thing you can do for him especially during your initial days of romance. A kiss can be the best way to express your love towards him and he shall remember it for a lifetime.


Drenching In The Rain

It would be a great idea to try this. Getting wet in the rain together for the first time would really turn you on especially after you have developed feelings for your man.


Sleeping Like A Baby

Sleeping in the lap of someone is a beautiful experience. Also, sleeping next to a special someone is a sweet experience. When your body and mind sense the company of a loved one, you tend to relax well and lose yourself in peaceful sleep. That's a nice experience.

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