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Why Women Seem To Be More Emotional

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Men wonder why women come across as more emotional. Sobbing seems to be a very natural thing for them. But not all women are like that though.

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In fact, there are many men who are in touch with their emotional side. But our minds have been conditioned to think that women are emotional and men aren't so emotional.

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But of course, the reason behind this conditioned belief is also a genuine one. From brain chemistry to the conditions of the childhood, many factors play a role in shaping one's behaviour.


Some Are Raised In Such A Way....

In some families, women are raised in such a way; they are expected to think of others' well-being first before they think of themselves. They are asked to do all the sacrifices. This would generally make them emotional and vulnerable. Generally, women who are raised to focus more on their progress and success tend to be less emotional compared to others.



In some cases, the monthly cycles could be responsible for the emotions. Estrogen could be the reason behind the emotional fluctuations during periods.


Societal Pressure

Sometimes, societal pressure can also be one reason behind those volatile emotions. The pressure to be perfect all the time in all areas is an unrealistic expectation forced on women. And this pressure may sometimes create an outburst of emotions.



In some cases, a past trauma could be the reason behind the emotions. Though you may find no reason why a woman feels so emotional about something quite simple, there could be a past incident which might have resurfaced in her mind.



Women are naturally empathetic. Their caring instincts could also make them feel emotional when someone needs help.


Brain Activity

Compared to men, women tend to use different areas of the brain to operate on a daily basis.



We are all wired to see women emote and men hiding their emotions. This could also be a reason why women tend to display their emotions openly whereas men tend to hide their tears.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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