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Why Do We Miss Someone In Their Absence?

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If you have a cute puppy at home, you will know how much he misses you in your absence. As soon as you go home, your pets would pounce upon you and shower all affection.

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Researchers say that this animal instinct is also ingrained in us. A baby starts crying the moment he or she misses the mother. And when the mother comes back, the baby is back to the normal moods.

After we grow up, this instinct is again at play when we miss friends, colleagues, teachers or bosses and even life partners or kids.

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A strong bond could form with anyone that we deeply connect to and in their absence every single moment seems a bit painful. Now, let us discuss why we miss some people.


Their Presence...

Some people emit positive vibes. When you feel good in the presence of someone, you would want to spend the rest of your life in their presence and therefore, you tend to miss such a person in their absence.


The Connection...

You can't connect with everyone you come across. And when you connect with someone a strong bond forms with them. This connection makes you feel vulnerable in their absence.


That Person Matters To You

Missing someone indicates that you need that person a lot. Yes, some people matter to us and we miss them when they are not around.


You Realise Their Value

Generally, we realise a person's value more during their absence. Maybe this is why we tend to miss someone. A person who has contributed to your joy means a lot to you.


You Have Good Memories

When you have lots of sweet memories with someone, you tend to remember them during their absence. This makes you miss them.


You Get Positive Feelings

People who make you feel happy tend to make you feel positive. Therefore, their absence creates a vacuum in your heart even if it is for a single day.


Your Life Seems To Be Dull Without Them

It is quite natural to feel that life is dull without a loved one. In fact, nature wants us to connect more with our fellow human beings and that is why it makes us miss some people.

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