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How To Project Your Girl To Parents

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So, you fell in love with someone and now you are thinking about introducing her to your parents. Before you bring the person home, you may need to give a small introduction about that person to prepare your family for the meeting.

How would you do that and where would you start? Firstly, remember one thing. If you are going to marry that person whom you are going to introduce to your family, handle the situation with care.

Yes, every word you utter might make or break the image of that person in the eyes of your family. If you mishandle the situation, there are certain disadvantages. Are you wondering what they are? Here are they:


Tip #1

If you give a bad picture about that person, your family may simply say no to your decision. They may brainwash you saying that the person isn't right for you.


Tip #2

Even if your family agrees for marriage, they may treat that person in bad way hurting that person every moment during the rest of the life.


Tip #3

Your family may secretly wish for a breakup between both of you which isn't a healthy thing at all.


Tip #4

Even the plus points of that person may look like minus points to your family once they carry a bad image about that person in their minds.


Tip #5

You may start having quarrels with your spouse if your parents dislike your choice of a person. This is quite natural.


Tip #6

When everyone around you hates your life partner, living with such a person would be difficult because sooner or later you would regret your decision for no reason and would start picking fights with your spouse.


Tip #7

You may start finding faults in your life partner when your family members eat your head constantly to look at the negatives of a person. That is the reason why carefully tell only the plus points of your girlfriend of boyfriend when you are talking to parents. Hide the negatives inside you if you feel that you can live with her tolerating them.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 3, 2016, 12:57 [IST]
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