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Is He A Total Package?

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Men think that bulging muscles could make them irresistible. Some men think that their cars and currency notes can get them some hot women. Some men think that their stamina levels can get them lots of female attention.

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Whether such things work or not, women generally look for a complete package when they wish to settle down with a man. So, everything is required in the right proportions to keep a woman happy and we can't isolate only one or two qualities.

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So, if you are a woman dating someone, then you must be wondering whether he can be a good life partner. You may have your own list to check whether he is the one for you, but here are a few more things to add.


Is He Sensitive And Sensible

Some men are totally insensitive. Such men cannot empathise with others' feelings. Only a sensitive man can posses a soft side and understand your feelings. A man who is capable of expressing and understanding feelings and emotions is the best one for any woman.


Does He Ask Deep And Interesting Questions?

If your guy shows interest in you and keeps asking very deep questions that others seldom ask you, then that indicates that he can stimulate your mind and make you feel good. Yes, he asks such questions because he is damn interested to get into your life.


Does He Make You Blush

A man who is capable of making a woman blush can sustain the magic for longer. Did he ever give you compliments that make your face pink?


Is He Naughty?

To call a man full package, he must have a tad bit of naughtiness in him because some of the life's best sweet moments happen when the innocent inner child in us does naughty things without feeling conscious.


Is He A Listener?

Many men focus on their talking skills but what's more important is listening skills because women want men to listen more and talk less.


Does He Smile?

A smiling face is an indication that a person is peaceful, joyful and happy. Also, a man who smiles all the time can seldom be a threat to your peace.


Is He Relaxed?

Wearing confidence is sexy. Also, being calm and relaxed is an important quality of men. When you show your mood-swings, his ability to stay relaxed can help your relationship with him.


Does His Presence Give You A High?

It doesn't mean that you will feel that 'high' all your life in his presence. But when the right man comes into your life, his presence gives you an unknown sense of joy. Notice that. If he can give you that feeling, he is a full package.

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