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15 Cool Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Man On A Special Occasion

Be it the anniversary of your togetherness, his birthday or any other special occasion, we are sure that you will always want to surprise your man with some amazing and sweet gifts. You will always want to present him something that will always remind him of you or something he has been secretly wishing for a long time.

However, finding a suitable gift is not always that easy. Sometimes you may not be able to decide what can be a better gift for your husband/boyfriend. To help you with this, we are here with a list of gift ideas you can choose from. You can think of giving these to your man on different occasions.


1. A Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is not just a gift that will come in your budget but it is something that you can give to your man on any occasion. Whether it is his birthday or success party, you can make him go aww by giving a personalized coffee mug. Moreover, this way your partner will always remember you whenever he sips coffee from the one which you gave him.


2. Prepare Or Order His Favourite Meals

Who said food can't be a wonderful gift? Certainly, it can be. You just have to prepare or order your man's favourite meal and wait to see his surprised expression. If you are willing to prepare something on your own, then you can take help from either your mother or search the recipe online. You will be able to find a number of recipes and you can choose whichever you feel will be easy to prepare.


3. Bluetooth Earphones

If your man is a die-hard music lover then you can surely gift Bluetooth earphones to him. You can order durable Bluetooth earphones for him. These days, there are many kinds of Bluetooth earphones available in the market. You can also think of buying a Bluetooth speaker for him. This way he will be able to play and enjoy his music in a better way.


4. Durable Laptop Bag

Very few people will consider a laptop bag as a nice gift. But what can be better than giving something useful to your man? Giving a durable laptop bag will remind him of you. Moreover, this way, his laptop will be safe in the bag that you will buy for him.


5. Personalized Key Chain

This can be one of the sweetest presents that you can choose for your man. You can make him feel special by giving him a personalized key chain. For example, you can get his name engraved on the key chain or you can also have a sweet message engraved on it. This way your man will always get reminded of you.


6. A Comfy Pair Of Shoes

Having a comfy pair of shoes is something that all of us long for. We always want to walk in those comfortable sneakers and shoes. So does your man. So why not present him with a nice and comfortable pair of shoes? You can also buy sports shoes for him, especially if he loves to jog and run on a daily basis. For this, you will have to choose a pair of shoes that fit in his feet quite well.


7. His Favourite Perfume

If you are still not able to decide what to give to your partner as a gift, then you can buy him his favourite perfume. You can either order it online or buy it from a nearby store. You can also gift him a perfume of your choice. For this, you can do some research on perfume which not only has a pleasant fragrance but also stays longer.


8. A Photo Frame With Your Picture In It

One of the best ways to remind your man of you is by giving him a photo frame with your (you and your man) picture in it. You can also put one of his pictures in the photo frame. You can also go a step further by personalising the photo frame with a message that will remind him of the sweet relationship that you share or simply his name, written in an elegant manner.


9. Some Good Books To Read

Books are always a great thing to surprise someone. You can make your man's day by giving him some good books to read. If he is a bibliophile, then you can think of buying the books he always wanted to have. In addition to this, you can also give him a collection of some really interesting and ever-green books. We bet you, your man will be more than happy.


10. His All-Time Favourite Wine

If your man fancies drinking wine and other drinks, then you can think of buying him a bottle of his all-time favourite drink. It can be wine or any other drink that you think he will enjoy. In case he doesn't drink, then you can give him a bottle of his favourite fruit juice. You may find it weird but think of it that you are going to give him something which is healthy and tasty at the same time.


11. A Nice Shirt

Checks, stripes or monotone, you can get whatever you feel will suit him.This can be another wonderful thing that you can give to your man. You can buy his favourite brand's new shirt. Buti if you have already come across another brand, then you can buy the same for your man. Make sure the shirt fits his body and is comfortable to wear. This way you will be able to surprise him and make him feel special.


12. Personalized Memory Book

A personalized memory book can also be one of the best gift ideas for your partner. You can make a memory book consisting of your messages and photographs. You can choose some of your whatsapp chats and get them printed into a book. You can also stick some of your adorable pictures and write some beautiful and sweet messages.


13. Subscription Of Video Streaming Platform

If your man is fond of series and movies, then you can think of purchasing him a year's subscription of a video streaming digital platform. You can choose from the various platforms available these days. We bet you, your man will be more than happy to get this unique gift from you.


14. Health Insurance

What can be better than giving your partner the gift of health insurance? You can not only make him feel loved but also remind him of how truly you care for him. Moreover, having health insurance will ensure that your partner gets necessary healthcare on time.


15. Shopping Vouchers And Coupons

This is another best thing to give to your partner, especially if he is fond of shopping. You can think of making him feel loved and special by giving him some vouchers and coupons. He will be definitely happy to receive the shopping coupons and vouchers from you. You can also give him food coupons.

Story first published: Monday, July 20, 2020, 17:56 [IST]
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