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9 Ways To Make Him Realise Your Importance In The Relationship

Do you feel that your boyfriend no longer gives attention to you? Does he avoid taking you to parties or events? Are your calls and texts being ignored on a regular basis? Has he stopped appreciating the efforts that you put into the relationship? You may feel that your boyfriend has changed a lot and so has your relationship. You may feel like being in a one-sided relationship.

Not only this, but there could be times when he may criticise your habits, beliefs, opinions and thoughts. If this is the case with you, then it's high time when you need to make him realise your importance. To know how you can make him realise your importance, scroll down the article to read more.

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1. Acknowledge Your Self-Worth

Before making your boyfriend realise your self-worth, it is important that you acknowledge what you deserve. You need to remind yourself that you are amazing and deserve to be loved and feel special. You are not an object that has to be kept in a corner of his house. So the most important thing that you have to do is stop thinking miserable and acknowledge your self-worth.


2. Stop Calling Or Texting Him

Are you the one who always calls or texts first? Does he leave your texts and calls unattended? If this is the case with you then we can understand how bad you would be feeling. There could be nothing depressing than experiencing such behaviour from the love of your life. But then, what's the point in shedding tears over your unattended texts and calls? Instead of calling or texting him again and again, make him call or text you. Initially, he may not call or text you owing to the fact that he is used to the notion of his girl taking the initiative. But as soon as he notices the decline in your calls and texts, he will definitely try to reach you.


3. Keep Yourself Busy In Something Productive

Instead of feeling miserable and begging his attention, what you can do is keep yourself busy in something productive. Involve yourself in doing things that could make you feel better. For example, if you love shopping, then go for the same, read a nice book, cook something delicious for yourself or watch a good movie. This way you will not only keep yourself busy but also distract yourself from the gloominess.


4. Spend Time With Your Friends

In order to make your man realise your worth, you need to have a life outside your relationship. You need to make him understand that your life doesn't revolve around him. For this, spend more and more time with your friends. If you have always wanted to go on a trip with your girl gang, then this is the time when you can make a plan and pack your bags. Seeing you having your time even in his absence will definitely make him feel a bit jealous. He may develop a fear of losing you and this is when he will pay more and more attention to you.


5. Limit Doing His Chores

One of the reasons why he is not respecting your self-worth and taking you for granted could be because of the fact that he doesn't understand how much you do for him. He may not acknowledge the times you cook for him, wash his clothes, take care of his health, etc. In fact, there could be times when he may mock you for doing nothing. But it's the time when you need to make him realise the role you play in his life. You need to limit doing his chores. Let him cook for himself and take his clothes for laundry. This is when he will understand your worth.

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6. Express Your Emotions Through Your Actions

Have you heard the phrase, 'actions speak louder than words'. Instead of feeling bad and frustrated over your boyfriend's cold behavior, express your emotions through your actions. For example, let him know that you are unhappy due to his ignorance. If he asks you to do his chores, then you can deny doing them and express your disagreement over his one-sided decisions. You don't have to see him that often or be an obedient girlfriend.


7. Take Decisions On Your Own

If you are one of those girlfriends who eat and wear what their boyfriends approve of, then you need to change your behaviour. You may not realise this but letting your boyfriend take decisions for you can make him ignore your importance. Don't let your boyfriend impose his decisions and choices on you. If you want to wear a skirt then don't let your boyfriend force you to wear jeans. It's important for you to make decisions on your own. There's no wise in eating salad just because he wants you to eat it.


8. Love And Pamper Yourself

Unless you don't love yourself and make yourself feel worthy, how can you expect others to value your importance? Often women tend to give lesser importance to them because they are busy in making their man feel important. You need to start loving yourself. Pamper yourself and let yourself have the needed care and love. For this, you can go to the salon, hang out with friends, go on a vacation, pursue your interests and spend more 'me-time'.


9. Avoid Tolerating His Behaviour

This is another important thing that you need to do if you want your boyfriend to realise your self-worth. If you are unhappy due to his ignorant behaviour, then let him know the same. Tell him how you feel when he doesn't attend your calls or texts without any valid reason. Stop him from controlling your life and let him know that you deserve better.

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Above all, it's important to understand that an unhappy relationship can never make you happy. It will make you feel miserable every now and then. Instead of tolerating his cold and ignorant behaviour, you can go for a better relationship. After all, a happy relationship is all about mutual respect and compatibility.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 17:00 [IST]