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Dear Men, Here Are 11 Important Things That You Might Not Be Knowing About Your Girlfriend

To all the men out there, we know that you are always on toes to know various things about your girlfriend such as if she is going to the office, the series she is planning to watch or whom she is friends with. No matter how deeply you know each other, there could be many other details about her that you may not be knowing.

By saying so, we don't mean to say that your girlfriend would be hiding things from you. It's just that you may not know many things that are related to her. For example, you might be aware of her favourite genre of books and movies but not the one she would love to read or watch again and again.

The reason why we are saying so is to help you in knowing your girlfriend more than before. If you are wondering what those things could be, scroll down the article to read more.


1. Her High School

It can be possible that the two of you met while you were still in college or worked in the same office. You must have shared several details related to each other. But do you know the name and location of the high school she went to? Or who was her favourite teacher in her high school. Well, if you are aware of this then that's great else you can ask about it the next time both of you sit to talk about yourselves.


2. Clothing Brand She Is Fond Of

You must have seen your girl donning some of her best clothes and we are sure you would have felt proud of having her as your partner. While you must be aware of the kind of clothes she prefers to wear, do you know what's her favourite clothing brand? At first, you may think that these things do not matter at all but think of a scenario where you want to give a nice dress to your girlfriend that would woo her in no time.


3. If She’s Close To Her Father Or Mother

Knowing your girl's equation with her parents is one of the important things that you need to know about her. While you may have heard your girl talking to her parents or discussing things about them, you may not be knowing whom she is closer to. There are people who aren't on good terms with their family members, including parents. In that case, knowing the kind of equation your girlfriend has with her parents is quite important.


4. If She Wants To Get Married

While you might be sure that your girlfriend is a wife material and the one you want to marry, it is important to find out if she is willing to tie the knot. The reason why we are saying so is due to the fact that often people want to focus on their career and do not have any such plans of getting married. Similarly, your girlfriend may not be willing to marry for the time being or she may want some more time before she begins a new chapter of her life.


5. Her Childhood Friends

We are pretty sure that your girl would have introduced you to her friends and people she's close to. But won't you be interested in knowing about her childhood friends as well? If yes, then you should ask her to tell you about her childhood friends and the kind of bond she shares with them these days. Trust us, this will help you in knowing your girlfriend in a better way.


6. Things That Make Her Upset

All of us get upset due to many things. For example, one may get upset by dirty laundry or seeing people misbehaving with someone else. Knowing what makes your girlfriend upset can help you in saving your relationship from unwanted and silly fights. This is because once you are aware of the reasons that can spoil her mood, you'll be able to avoid those things.


7. Whether She Is Fond Of Hills Or Beaches

Different people prefer visiting different places and so does your girlfriend. While you are all set to plan your trip in the coming long weekend, take a moment to ask if you are actually aware of her favourite places? Is she fond of spending a holiday on beaches or in the hills? Trust us, when you are aware of your girl's preferences, going on holidays would be a memorable experience.


8. Things She’s Allergic To

Knowing what your girlfriend is allergic to is one of the other important things that you need to know. This is because knowing what can affect your girl's health can help you in avoiding any mishappening in the future. In addition to this, you need to know if she's on any medication, the doctor she is seeing or taking prescription from. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, then you can at least seek necessary medical help.


9. Her Favourite Dessert

At times, she may have mentioned what she wants to eat. This would have given you a clear idea of what your girlfriend loves to eat most of the time or the kind of food she is fond of. But knowing your girlfriend's favourite food and dessert can be of great help. This is because then you can easily order food for her, especially when she is upset or feeling unwell. Moreover, this will earn you brownie points of being a good partner.


10. Songs, Movies And Novels She Is Fond Of

Of all the things that your girlfriend is fond of, are you aware of which novel, movie or song she is fond of? At times, you may see her reading a book or humming a song. So won't you be interested in knowing which is your girlfriend's favourite novel or the songs that can instantly lift her mood, no matter what.


11. Her Religious And Spiritual Beliefs

Though knowing your girlfriend's religious and spiritual views and beliefs may not seem an important thing for you, it will certainly help you in some way or the other. When you are aware of your girlfriend's religious and spiritual beliefs, you can easily avoid hurting her sentiments. Both of you can then continue to live together while having your own spiritual and religious beliefs.

Just because you aren't aware of the above-mentioned things, it doesn't mean that you are in a wrong relationship. Instead of feeling bad and upset, you can actually try to know your partner in a better way. With a little bit of patience and trust, you will be able to know more and more about your girlfriend.

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