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How Men Can Boost Fertility

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A man's fertility plays a very important role in pregnancy. A fertile woman can conceive only when a man is not impotent. Both quality as well as the quantity of the sperm cells matter a lot for reproduction.

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Today's men are lagging behind due to their lifestyle issues as well as bad habits like smoking, drinking and taking too much of stress.

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If you have any issues with fertility, it is better to get into certain activities to boost your reproductive power. Here are some steps.


Tip #1

When the man is obese, reducing the body weight is the first step as obesity could actually affect the sperm quality in some cases. Regular physical activity is recommended.


Tip #2

Jelqing technique is a physical activity that can help in enlarging the muscles of the manhood. The blood vessels in the privates will also enlarge and this could also help in sperm motility and count indirectly. This exercise also helps in holding erections for long.


Tip #3

Another important step to take when a man is infertile is changing the diet. Taking more of fruits and vegetables could help in enhancing the quality of sperm.


Tip #4

Another method known as spinning method involves stretching the organ gently. This can increase the girth size and blood vessels too. It may indirectly enhance sperm production too.


Tip #5

Gently stretching the manhood occasionally can promote blood flow and stimulate the organ. It is better to ensure that the testicles are not exposed to high temperatures.


Tip #6

Even kegel exercises help in boosting male reproductive health. The flow of semen can be better regulated when a man performs kegel exercises regularly.


Tip #7

It is better to consult a doctor to know the exact issues behind infertility. Is it the sperm count, motility or erectile dysfunction? Depending upon the reason, you can work on the diet, exercises and so on according to what your doctor suggests you.

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