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9 Worst Birth-Control Blunders

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Simply using a birth control may not be enough. Ensuring that you take certain precautions may reduce the risk of failure of the birth control method you have used.

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Also, couples may need to carefully choose their birth control method depending upon the health condition and the age of the woman as unwanted side effects may follow if you carelessly handle contraceptive measures.

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Without consulting a doctor, never choose a birth control method going by your own knowledge. Apart from that, here are some birth control mistakes to avoid.


Mistake #1

The first mistake is not using birth control methods at all. Yes, being careless when you are sexually active, could lead to unwanted pregnancies; going for abortion methods often isn't a safe option.


Mistake #2

Using any random lubricant is another problem. Never use baby oil or Vaseline as they can affect the condom very fast. Your doctor could prescribe the right water-based lubricant. The lubricant shouldn't affect the latex of the condom or create ideal conditions for condom breakage.


Mistake #3

Not using a lubricant could also be a mistake in some cases as excessive dryness could increase friction that may tear the condom.


Mistake #4

Though the pre-ejaculate doesn't contain any sperm cells, never take chances as even a single sperm cell could also up the risk of pregnancy. Ensure that a condom is used even before you touch your man.


Mistake #5

Ignoring options isn't a wise thing. If you don't feel comfortable with one option, explore other options instead of facing birth control failure. For example, if you are not able to be punctual in taking the daily pill, ask your gynecologist to offer you other options like an injection that offers the effect for more than a month without necessity of a pill.


Mistake #6

Using medication without consulting the doctor is another problem because certain antibiotics like rifampin could reduce the impact of various contraceptive measures like pills, rings or patches. Some drugs do interact with contraceptives and could cause either side effects or reduce the impact of the birth control methods.


Mistake #7

Hastily wearing a condom could also increase the risk of breakage. Ensure that no air is trapped inside while wearing the condom. Trapped air could burst the condom when pressure is applied while making love.


Mistake #8

If you are taking birth control pills, being inconsistent could be a mistake. Consult your gynecologist if you have missed the pill.


Mistake #9

If you are on birth control pills, it is very important to quit smoking as it could raise the risk of heart issues, stroke or clots in the blood.

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