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What Is The Alexander Technique Of Birthing?
Birthing methods are quite a rage nowadays. There are so many different birthing techniques out there that you are bound to get confused as to which one will be suitable for you. However, the essence of all these birthing techniques ultimately ...
What Is The Alexander Technique Of Birthing
What Is Lotus Birthing Method?
Over the last few years, a method known as lotus birthing has been gaining ample popularity and many mothers prefer this method of birthing. Lotus birth is being preferred by many as a means to allow the baby to gently transition ...
What Causes Birthmarks In Babies?
When our little bundle of joy is born, the family members are often busy comparing the baby's facial features with that of the mother and the father. But apart from the facial features, there are certain marks present on the skin ...
What Causes Birthmarks In Babies
What Are The Medical Reasons For Having A Caesarean Section?
Pregnancy and birthing is a process that can get complicated for a few women. C-section is conducted in cases where the mother has placental problems and so opting for a vaginal birth can cause heavy bleeding during delivery. C-section is also ...
How To Prevent Birth Defects?
Birth defects are the abnormalities seen in the baby when they are born. They can be due to different reasons. Some birth defects are caused due to genetic problems. Some others can be caused by the environment and habits of the ...
How Prevent Birth Defects
Why Are Some Babies Born With Low Weight?
All mothers wish for a healthy and happy baby at the end of their pregnancy. But this is not always the case. In spite of the best care from the mother's side, some babies are still born with a low birth ...
Kaalsarpa Yoga: Types And Effects
Kaalsarpa yoga is a position in the birth chart of person, where all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu or Ketu and Rahu. Rahu and Ketu always move clockwise, whereas all the other planets move anticlockwise. So if the planets ...
Kaalsarpa Yoga Types And Effects
What Causes Premature Birth?
As women go through the pregnancy, the health of their child is always on the forefront of their minds. Every aspect of a pregnant woman's life is spent in making sure that the pregnancy goes on smoothly and that it ends ...
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