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Is Your Semen Watery? Worried?

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Many men do have some hidden fears about their semen. Sometimes, even the thickness of the semen may be a cause of concern. When it is too watery, men often think that there is something wrong with their reproductive capacity.

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Many health experts say that no study till date confirms that thickness is linked with fertility. Semen contains certain enzymes, fructose and sperm cells. The white colour of this liquid is due to the presence of protein.

Many factors play a role in the thickness and the shade of the semen at any given point of time. Some men think that a sticky fluid which comes out at the beginning of an arousal is semen. It isn't semen. It is known as pre-ejaculate which acts like a lubricant.

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Generally, watery semen isn't a sign of low fertility except in a few cases. So, consult a doctor to get the actual reason diagnosed.

Now, let us know more facts...


Fact #1

In some men who suffer low sperm cunt, watery semen is a common thing but again, don't conclude that watery semen always indicates low sperm count.


Fact #2

Your diet also impacts the thickness of your semen. If your diet lacks sufficient protein, your semen may seem watery as protein gives thickness to the liquid.


Fact #3

Even diabetes, certain infections like the prostate infection and even some drugs could affect the volume of the semen.


Fact #4

In some cases, a blockage in the seminal vesicle could also lead to lower volumes of semen.


Fact #5

More than the thickness of the semen, smell could indicate warning signs. If your semen has a bad smell then that could indicate an infection.


Fact #6

Another factor that influences the thickness is the frequency of ejaculation. Too many ejaculations may reduce the thickness. Your body needs enough time to produce certain amount of sperm.


Fact #7

Even tight clothing or high temperatures could also affect the sperm production in the testicles and this could also cause watery semen.


Fact #8

Even testosterone levels affect the consistency of the semen. Even dehydration could make the semen seem thick for a short span of time. So, if you have any worries, only a doctor can tell you the exact reason why your semen is watery.

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