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What Causes Delayed Puberty?

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When other children in your locality suddenly start experiencing puberty and your kid doesn't show any sign, it is quite natural to worry. Males grow tall and develop a deep voice. In females, monthly cycles start during the onset of puberty.

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In some kids, puberty starts at the right time whereas in some, it may get delayed a bit. Parents don't need to panic during that phase. In fact, it is better to offer support to your kid who may feel low when others around are growing tall fast.

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You can also take your kid to a pediatric endocrinologist but before that, it is better to know about some basic facts about delayed puberty.


Fact #1

The reason behind delayed puberty could also be genetic. If you had delayed puberty, your children might have higher chances.


Fact #2

Generally, puberty in males could start late though it is generally expected to start by 9th year and end by 15th year.


Fact #3

Obesity could be the reason behind delayed puberty. If you think your child is overweight, take the necessary measures to reduce the weight.


Fact #4

For teenage boys, delayed puberty could be treated by health care specialists. Generally, they use testosterone injections in rare cases if no other option is available.


Fact #5

Only when your child is around 15 and is not showing any signs of puberty, you must approach a doctor.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 8:34 [IST]
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