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Puberty In Girls: What Should They Eat?

Posted By: Sneha
Nutritious Food
Girls during puberty must eat nutritious food because it is essential for a lifetime good health. Puberty is nothing but the time when the body is getting ready for sexual reproduction. At this time nutrients are very essential because of the hormonal changes in one's body. Girls undergo puberty during 10-15 age group. Nutritious food is important to overcome eating disorders during this stage.

What nutrients are important during puberty?

1. CALCIUM- Girls during puberty lack calcium. To avoid calcium related problems like osteoporosis later in their life, calcium rich food must be consumed. Food like low fat curd or milk, low fat cheese can be consumed to avoid calcium deficiency. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium. Green leafy vegetables are the best source of nutrition. Nutritious food like these must be consumed to avoid problems at later stages of life.

2. IRON- Is very important during puberty in girls. Teen girls need iron to replace the blood lost during menstruation. So certain food items that are rich in iron like whole grain, beans, lean beef and fish must be consumed. Iron in these nutritious food items is a must for your teens speedy growth. Girls need to avoid high calorie food during puberty as there is a tendency to put on weight due to rising levels of hormones.

3. PROTEINS- Is very essential for the growth of your teen. During puberty in girls proteins build muscles and other body tissue. It prepares them for their daily activities. School, sports and other extra co curricular activities requires energy. Proteins will come from protein enriched food items like fish, meat and poultry products. Girls health during puberty must be taken care of because it affects their future health.

4. FATS- Proper amount of fats are also needed by girls during puberty. Foods with the correct amount of fats are needed for growth and energy. Unsaturated fats that occur naturally, in salmon, nuts and olive oil are best source of energy. Fats are also equally important for your body's growth so they should be consumed in proper quantity.

5. Healthy Weight
- Puberty hormones causes fats to deposit in areas like breasts, hips and thighs. This leads to girls thinking that they are getting fat. This in turn will cause them to adopt crash diets and unhealthy weight loss methods. Health during puberty must be considered, girls might fancy bodies like fashion models. It will only lead to eating disorders like Bulimia and anorexia. So during puberty nutrition needs are high and consumption of calories must be avoided. In the later stages to avoid eating disorders girls must eat right, exercise and drink smart.

These are the factors why girls need nutrition during puberty.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 12:31 [IST]
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